Monday, August 29, 2011

My Dreams Are Weird

Okay so I have this amazing ability to have like really long dreams and wake up in the middle of them and then decide I really like the dream and go back to sleep to continue right where I left off. Also when I dream like that it's usually two or three dreams sometimes unrelated that I dream back to back because my mind is in epic dream mode. And I usually refuse to wake up and sleep for like twelve hours straight because my dreams are so awesome.

Unfortunately I can only remember bits and pieces, but here you go.

So in the first dream of my dreams last night, I redreamed an alternate-universe version of the last Harry Potter. I swear if it had been made into a real movie the ratings would've topped Inception let me tell you that. It was like mind-blowing, I swear. The movie was set in India, in a part slum, part ancient ruin part of India. It was amazing.  The story line started out following Harry, Ron and Hermione who were on the run from Death Eaters. They kept on hiding out in various Indian slumhouses and being helped by various Indian people-who-lived-in-slumhouses. Then they met McGonagall and kept running from the slumhouses that kept on getting blown up. The whole time they were counting on Snape to bail them out, because they already knew about Snape being a quadruple agent and his past with Lily but he didn't die (see my version is so much better). And there was one extremely pivotal part when Harry & Co. were being jinxed at and they were waiting for the stone doors of this ancient open-air ruin to open so they could like get in and not be jinxed at and they were waiting and waiting for the doors to open so desperately like, God where is Snape, and then suddenly the ancient stone doors swing open, and the jinxing stops, and Harry looks at Snape standing dramatically in the way, waiting for them to run in and take cover, and for one fleeting moment Harry looks into those cold black eyes and has a wavering doubt. Could he really trust Snape, he wonders. But then there's a beat and a flashback sequence ensues, and from the still bat-like figure of the standing Snape a silvery, Patronussy Snape figure steps out. And the flashback sequence takes place so that only Harry can see it while in reality time has frozen, and he with tears in his eyes watches a most beautiful series of scenes outlining the pure and sweet yet tragic love that Severus Snape has always had for Lily Evans. Yes, there was also a silvery Patronussy figure of Lily in this awesome flashback sequence. And then there's a huge explosion behind Harry, bringing him back to the present, and Hermione screams his name, forcing him to make a decision, and this time Harry's sure: he surges forward through the gateway, and Snape joins them as they all scramble to push back the stone doors against the Death Eaters and for the moment, they're safe.

That's all I can remember really of the Harry Potter dream. The dream then changes to uh someone (don't ask who) using my MyKad for something which is bad because bad guys are after me and that's like unfortunate because well bad guys want to kill me and then it changes back to me being stuck at this castle-like school where we are all dragon riders and I'm very special like a chosen one or something and people still want to kill me and my family the villain is this evil woman with red hair and a green high-collared dress btw the dragon I ride (my very own dragon, very huge!) is pale jade green in colour. And there was this awesome guy who helps me when I'm like trying not to be killed haha his dragon was blue.

This is almost as bad as the other day when I dreamed I was a detective investigating how people keep getting kidnapped/murdered whenever they leave this departmental store. So I'm checking out the departmental store when I realise that it's because the kidnappers/murderers are leaving messages inside the envelopes of greeting cards for sale and that's how they lure the victims. As I make this important discovery my fictional best friend is with me and she's getting all snappy I see that it's because she was behind it all along. She pushes me to the floor and rushes out of the departmental store and my head is bleeding and my fictional boyfriend helps me up but I realise that he was in on it with my best friend all along but he says he's sorry. And then I make my way home to an orphanage on top of the hill with my bleeding head where I meet all my church friends and then we have to cover up the blinds because duh people want to kill me now. And then the orphanage is having a walk around town and I have to go but I can't on account of my bleeding head so I get this enormous flying gorilla to take me on his back instead.

You see guise, this is how my subconscious works. It's not a very sensible place up here, I'm afraid. I'm sure people have weird dreams too but I'm also equally sure not many of them have dreams as weird as mine. And these are only the ones I can remember. So give me the benefit of the doubt when I say I think I have dreams weirder than is generally considered weird.

Saturday, August 27, 2011


by jacietanchenghwee

Take that golden sunshine
And collect it with your finger
Drip it off your fingertip
It'll be just like golden butter

Take that sunshine, spread it far
Spread it yonder 'cross the earth
Because with that sunshine there'll be stars
And smiles and laughter will be birthed

Don't forget to remember me
When you're giving out sunshine free
Don't forget to remember me
In your sunshine-spreading spree

I'll love you, yes, I will, I will
If only you and sunshine come,
I swear my heart will be yours to still,
If you gave me sunshine, oh just give me some.

haha omg what even I don't make sense sometimes you know that?

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Guise, I'm not eating. If you know my appetite, you'll know how bizarre this is, because it's not even exam period. I don't know why. Everytime I see food I feel like throwing up. Is it because my mind is all calm and unstressed so my body needs to make up for it by being depressed instead? If so, then dear body, please cheer up, because you've successfully sobered up the mind, seeing as how undernourishment does that to someone.

Sigh. Going to go drink coffee now.

Monday, August 15, 2011

Hi guise. Sorry I never really have time to blog, as much as I do want to. Blogging is pretty tiring work. I started on a post on Kellie's Castle yesterday, but then I realised I was rambling, which is not good. So then I decided to put in pictures to offset the rambling, but then I realised it was taking up too much time. And now I have no time at all to even ramble. Haha.

I really enjoyed myself, though, yesterday. It was a great trip with the parents, I got to drive for over an hour on the North-South Highway, and I fell head over heels in love with the shambled old stone castle. You would, too, if you had an appreciation for British colonisation-era architecture and an imagination. Everyone should go to Kellie's Castle.

Do go check out the pictures I took of the lovely place - there are pictures of the place, yes, even if I happen to be in them! - just in case I never get down to writing the post. ):