Sunday, March 28, 2010

I bought the dress.

My family and I kinda went on a spree today.
I also bought a reaaaaally nice top with the picture of a bright, electric blue lollipop that's super huge and can be spotted a mile away.

I feel happy.
Who says shopping isn't therapeutic?

Saturday, March 27, 2010

I did not go for ICC.
Because I didn't want to.
Then you'll go "WHY?" again, right?
Is it so inconceivable that I don't want to?

Nah. Just kidding la. I'm sure it was great and you guys had a blast! But, as joey says, "It's just not my cup of tea."
Maybe next year, yeah?

Just got back from 1U, where I saw this most gorgeous dress! In Kitschen! I was actually trying something else out, but I grabbed it because it looked nice and came in XS, which is really rare. My mom wasn't so happy about it, and when she saw me in it, she did grumble that I looked too mature. Which was why she didn't want me to try on another little black dress I saw. But surprisingly, it seems like we're going back to 1U to get that dress for my sweet 16th! If I can find some bottom to pair it with. My mom thinks its too short.

P.S. The dress is freakin' cheap.

Also in 1U, I was waiting around outside Cold Storage trying to spot my dad (yes, we misplace him a lot) when this guy came up and said, "Hey, are you looking for a basket or a trolley?" I shot him a "What?" look, and confusedly told him no. Then I realised that he was a UNICEF dude, the ones who are running those donation campaigns, so I walked a little away to keep on looking. Not like I was going to sit down and fill up a form right then. I didn't realise him following me, but then he said, "Are you like working around here?"

The look I shot him this time was of total disbelief as I blurted out, "I'm in Form Four." He looked genuinely taken aback as he too blurted, "Really?"
"Yes," I told him.
"Are you serious?"
"Yes," I cry, too shocked to get mad. "I really am."
"Oh..." he says, obviously seeing he's not gonna get any money from me. "Well... you... you look mature."
"Thanks." *edges away*

This is a first, I swear.

jacie-the unicorn to Nasirah Nur:
I think my mom dropped me on the head when I was a baby.

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Chem results tomorrow?
I'm scared.
So, so scared.

Btw, there are people following me on Twitter.
Like, ?!
I wouldn't follow me.

Monday, March 22, 2010


Had a bla-ast yesterday at Jo's birthday celebration, although I missed the karaoke (you see XinYou, some Christians have weekly obligations to fulfill) and came late.

But still, I joined Jocelyn, Nicole, Joey, LiSar, Gan, XinYou, Hwa Hong, Shau Yuan, Tzen Ren, Aqeemul, Siau Wen, MeiYee and Donovan for tea in Paddington's House of Pancakes, and that was fu-un!

It didn't matter that I'd just had lunch less than half an hour ago. Me and Gan decided on Treasure Box, which consists of Dollar Pancakes (bite-sized no-oil pancakes that are just delish), plums, strawberries, peaches, raisins and NO nuts. It was heaven, but a very small piece of heaven. Then I insisted on ordering a strawberry-banana milkshake as well, which turned out rich but nice.

XinYou was playing handphone games and not eating or socialising, like a little kid. Nicole was... creating babies with Aqeemul's girlfriend. ;) We took pictures, sang happy birthday repeatedly just to embarrass Jojie, and I created a maple-syrup-melted-chocolate-icecream-strawberry-banana mix for Don to drink.

Then we all went to the bowling alley, and I think (well, rightfully I don't know) some of us split up. I don't know because I was the first to ciao, I needed to do some shopping for my family, as we are building a new bathroom for my sister in my house, and there were sales everywhere. I was supposed to do some price-scouting/shopping before my family joined me in 1U. So I went off with Gan in tow.

So me and Gannie set off, running errands, getting sidetracked by the hu-uge MPH book fair on the ground floor (okay, I got sidetracked). We had to buy Gan water. The boy can't even walk a tiny portion of 1U's new wing without getting all exhausted. I'd better train him up so his future gf won't have so hard a time. He was looking a sight by the time we reached the old wing.

I won't bore you with details - though I am making this post pretty detailed on purpose. Anyway, after my mum and sis joined me, after getting the car banged, might I add, we went around shopping, and then guess where we went to dinner?

Paddington's House of Pancakes.

I was glad and mortified.

Glad because we ordered really nice meal pancakes, and the food is yummy.

Mortified because the whole experience was mortifying.

Let me tell you this. Jocelyn called and booked a table for 15 at PHOP. Somehow, when we arrived, we didn't take the place reserved for us at the veranda. We went and joined tables and sat inside. I don't know what happened. Jocelyn never said she'd booked in advance. So there we were, noisy-ing up the whole place while PHOP was keeping a huge table in reserve for us.

Yes, when they found out, they were pretty pissed.

When I paid the bill with Gan, I tried very hard to pacify them. I was really sorry, and I told them so, especially when the guy kept saying they had to turn away loadsa customers that day for US. Anyway, the people there were Filipino and nice.

Even as I was feeling guilty again about coming back here when we lost them so much business for the day, as I was about to enter PHOP agian, my mind kept playing flashbacks of all the noise we made, all the repeated Happy Birthday's, in different languages, no less, all the camwhoring, and my friends bugging the cooks toward the end. I think I was blushing something fierce.

The guy who handled my bill earlier, whom I'd been apologising to, did a double take when he saw us examining the menu outside, so I quickly said "Hi". I expected him to recognise me. But I didn't expect the other guy, who was our server for the night, to say as he handed me the menu, "Nice to see you again, ma'am."

God, embarrassing.

And then it turns out we ordered choco-chip pancakes, and we got plain ones. I insisted on digging in, too lazy to wait for them to rectify the mistake, but we let our server know anyway. Next thing we know, he says the kitchen'll fix us three extra choco-chip pancakes to make up for it.

Urgh, they probably are going to remember me forever as problem-girl.

I am never going back there again.

Aqeemul, you idiot monkey, upload the pictures.
Cha, in case you were wondering, I for one missed you yesterday.

Friday, March 19, 2010


I don't know what to blog about anymore.
I realise, that I actually don't have any self-esteem.
Haha, I wonder why?
Must be all those people pulling me down everyday, consciously or not, or whether they really are, or if I'm imagining it, I don't know.
This week has flown by like a one-week holiday only knows how.

Thursday, March 18, 2010


I've not been spending my holidays well at all.
Whatever, I don't care.
I'm lazy, lazy, lazy.
Too lazy to even reread LOTR properly.
But that would take me more than a week, so...
I'm now only reading the pages that have Aragorn's name in them.
Good enough.

Oh, I love you, Dr. Spencer Reid.
Reid, I loveee youuu.

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Ng Li Sar, dear, I swear that was weird.

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Criminal Minds

You know what?
I was in the mood for a full-out Criminal Minds picspam.
On Aaron Hotchner, Dr. Spencer Reid(!), Garcia and JJ particularly.
I got all the pictures, leng-leng somemore.
But they're just too big.
So I got really sad and fed-up, and I'm not gonna put any pictures here after all.
But Criminal Minds is awesome.
I swear it is.
Just sometimes when things get to gory for me to watch, and I have to let my mom tell me what's happening instead.
Call me a wimp, but seriously, if you've watched those particular episodes I'm talking about, you should be able to understand.

Sunday, March 14, 2010


I have twitter.
Like, wow.
I started it because I need to keep my blog, msn and facebook emo-free.
So Twitter has become my emo outlet so you poor readers and friends don't have to suffer reading emo stuff together with other stuff.
Get it?
HanWey, pick up a few tips.

Friday, March 12, 2010


Feeling slightly smug right now.
I bet the people at Grand City don't often see a chinese girl walk in alone.
And proceed to demand for roti canai (garing ya, garing) and teh o' limau ais.
And then the waiter she orders from recognises her and hurriedly signals for another waiter to take the order.
Because only that other waiter is important enough to serve the Tan family, or capable enough to get things done right.
And then when the chinese girl's favourite waiter makes her drink for her and makes the roti canai, he waits around to see if she pronounces the roti canai garing enough.
Then looks properly ashamed when she asks for sugar, because by now he should know that she ONLY eats roti canai with sugar.
Just came back from Grand City.
Feeling more than slightly smug, actually.

March tests

Tests are over.
I was pretty confident about add maths.
'cause I covered Ch2&4 beforehand, and all I had to do was read Ch1&3 yesterday.
But for some reason, I went to bed at 12 midnight and only slept after 3am.
Joy, I sat for my add maths paper with only 3 and a half hours of sleep behind me.
But you know what?
Ironically, the paper was great!
I loved it!
Wanna see my expected results?
I swear I won't exaggerate.

Addmath - high
Modmath - average
Chem - fail
Bio - scrape a pass
Physics - pass
BM - pass/fail
BI - pfft
Moral - average
Sejarah - scrape a pass? please?

Let's see what I really get.
If I really fail, then it will be the first time.
I've never even gotten a C before.
Ah well, those days are over.
Better for me to fail now then later, besides, according to Pn. Sarala, those who never fail are those who commit suicide.

But if I failed, it's my fault.
People helped me so much this test.
I wanna thank (no particular order) ThariniJamieJeanniePhilipMummyDaddyChalystha&Xinyou.

Holidays. Hrrm. Seems so surreal.
God, I'm so tired.

Thursday, March 11, 2010


HuiJan asked me to update!
But I can't. Last paper tomorrow, addmaths, and then I can think again.
But I do so badly want to update about what happened yesterday.
I have to write it down anyhow, to remember it.
But I won't be able to post it, because of some reasons.
So maybe if jan is really bored, I'll email it to her, and anyone (yeah right) who's interested.
After I write it.
After the string of ghastly fail-worthy tests.

All I'm going to say is, Thank you Lord.
So much.
God is good, and God is great.
Thank you for making us so lucky.

Oh and Gan thanks for walking home with me today.

Saturday, March 6, 2010

I didn't get the normal shock-induced seizure
when you were mentioned today;
because I was already thinking about you
at that very moment.

I know when the stars are aligned
you can bump into person in the middle of the road
look into their eyes and you suddenly know
Yes, but will that other person know too?
Ha, that's the question to ask.

If only you knew, what my heart goes through for you.

I don't even know you, but I'm missing you like hell.

Friday, March 5, 2010

Universal Soldier

-jacie the unicorn- says:
Sorry. I was watching a movie where genetically-programmed clones hack people up and there were loadsa guts and blood spewing out everyhwere.
Xinyou says:

-jacie the unicorn- says:
Sorry. I was watching a movie where genetically-programmed clones hack people up and there were loadsa guts and blood spewing out everyhwere.
yQ says:
cewl ;D

Pfft, boys.
Was watching it with my family.
Universal Soldier:Regeneration, that is.
Pointless movie with no story line.
The thing that got to me was not all the dying people, but the needles.
Ew, needles here, there, and everywhere.
Jab here, jab there, INJECTIONS, everwhere.


After XinYou pointed it out to me, and after reading it myself, I realise now how easily my previous post could be construed two ways.
I do have a lot to blog about, but it's nothing to do with any mere boy.
I do feel pretty rotten, but it's because of other reasons and problems and not anything else.
So I wanted to write instead about a lighter, more interesting topic.
Such as that guy. (;
Zomg I don't even like him.
I just think he has a nice smile.
Hear that, Xin You?

P.S. So you have a crush on a junior then, Hui Jan?

Thursday, March 4, 2010

One miserable year

There's so much I want to blog about, but I can't bring myself to.
I just want to keep it all pent up inside, it's much pleasanter that way.
So I shall just say it's very rare you meet guys with nice smiles.
Very rare.
Which brings me to my question:
If I were capable of "kao"-ing boys, I'd "kao" you for sure.

Lisar did I spell it right?

Wednesday, March 3, 2010


Easier said than done.
I can't.
I just can't, not anymore.