Monday, March 25, 2013

Prompts: Nick Kwas' cover of Someone Like You by Adele, attempting to write a scholarship essay, a tweet by Poet House on twitter, a memory of Swedish House Mafia's Don't You Worry Child.

Did you hear the cry of the silence
As the static reached for the ache
And mountains grew on stretched lakes
For all the yearnings you could never take

Which led up to this, for some reason, because I wanted to rhyme.

Take me at face value
Take me for who I am
Spread me out and reel me in
Don’t let this copper light grow dim
For every tread you hold so dear
For every breath you reverence, near
Don’t take away my soul and heart
Don’t waste away and so depart
I wish you were not living great
I wish you were not at heaven’s gate
For how can I reach you from so far away
How can I be your light and day
I never meant for you to leave
I always wanted to believe
That one day I’d be there with you
If only life were not so cruel.

I'd name the second one "Distance", because that's what I felt.

They're not supposed to be any good. Putting them here because they'd get buried in tumblr and I actually like how I came up these spontaneously with no break/pause/backspacing.