Thursday, April 30, 2009

Birthday Surprise

"I get touched very easily."

I had soo many things I wanted to blog about; I hadn't blogged for days.
The things have been playing out in my mind even in school today.
I wanted to say how yesterday sucked, how I cried so much.
But something awesome happened today that made me ride so high on euphoria I won't talk about anything else.
It's gonna be a long post, people.

My dearest, dearest friends threw me a surprise party.

Who was there:

Who planned it:

Who did the work:
All of them!

It was awesome. I never, ever, ever guessed. Honest. That was the most fantastic part.
Should I tell you the whole grandma story?
Yes. It's my blog - you want the short version, go to NICOLE'S.
The whole day came through awesome thanks to my good mood and a whole deal of luck - I knew it was gonna turn out awesome starting from the morning.
Lis, joey nic and cha were kinda weird, now I think about it, but their acting skills now leave me so impressed I can barely breathe.
It was lucky today was Thursday, a holiday eve and prefect meeting day.
The whole day things were happening behind my back.
In the morning my dad stuck around so Lis could pass him cooking stuff.
Then after school the non-prefect girls went to my house while calvin n xinyou walked.
And while I was calling my dad after meeting asking him why he was so late, my mom who was supposed to be at work was picking up the prefect boys to go to my house!

When I walked in through the door with joey n lisar behind me, the first thing I saw was cha, positioned perfectly, holding my birthday cake in the silence, then everyone yelled "SURPRISE" and started singing happy birthday, and I registered everyone there and I felt like crying, I was so happy, and I was blurring and going through the motions like a person in an oblivious dream.

I just blew my candles without thinking about it and I was led to the dining room, holding Clo to cover my face and then I saw there was food, and it took me awhile to register that the girls bought and cooked the food - spaghetti, sauce and egg - , baked the cake, and my dad made the fried rice and the glutinous dessert and my sister made the drinks, until my head cleared up a bit and I was so happy.

After the food - it was seriously so muhibah-ish, don't ask me why -
They began talking about some "event" and they locked me in my room.
They took freakin' long. And when they were finally ready, the girls came and told me I had to be blindfolded. Idiot me gave them a scarf. Then they started saying I had to make sure I couldn't see and I must be surprised, and how I shouldn't be angry and all... it was making me nervous since I thought they were gonna cream pie my face (yes, then I would've been angry) but I'm a nice person so I decided to oblige them.

When they led me out onto the porch, I heard my dad's car backing out and I thought they were gonna kill me before I turned fifteen. I started praying - that I wouldn't die, and so God would give me grace. Two things ran through my mind - cream-pie, water-balloon?
Then they made me stand out on the driveway with my back turned to them, and I could take off my blindfold and slowly turn around - I watched the video, it was funny like crap - and when I did, I freakin' saw Nico with the camera and 9 humans in a perfectly straight horizontal line, each armed with a colourful water balloon.


Thank god the waterballoons didn't all burst, so I had some to throw back at them. But it was over too soon and I wanted revenge, so smart, genius me, living in my house all my years took the spray-hose for sweet payback. The girls found another, so it rocked.

We all got sopping wet, head to toe, even Nico and Jocelyn and beauty queen Nicole.

The boys had to be dried outside the house - we girls took refuge in my room with hairdryers - luckily, everyone had spare clothes except Nic, who has one of my shirts now.

Then we had cake, baked by ChaNic Bakeries Inc, and it was delicious no end.
The choc topping was heaven. It had my name on it in M&M's!

Well, even the most perfect of all times had to end.

To sum it up, I was so happy. "Happy", it's all I can say. I was so touched, and happy, I never expected this much, if you guys ignored my next ten birthdays, I wouldn't mind.

I really want to thank all of you who were there, you made it special. But for those who planned it, you made it a blast. You made my day, and there was NOTHING I didn't like about it, and it was a magnificent amount of brainstorming. I'm sorry if you hated planning for it, but I really hoped you had fun.

Thank you so so much.

Pics, please excuse the horribleness of me, cuz I juz came back frm school, and then I got water-ballooned till I was sopping wet.

Me coming in

My delish cake by ChaNic Bakeries Inc.

Thanks for the food

Me blindfolded

Us after the fight!

Saturday, April 25, 2009


"There is no excuse for a guy to hit a girl, not ever."

Today, I went to MidV with my mum, sister, and aunty swee lan my mum's BFF.
We had to go to gardens office tower to do somethin, and they have these really cool chairs like thrones.
We ate at the high class gurney drive restaurant, though I didn't really enjoy myself.
Then I went to stay in MPH.
We had cendol at little penang cafe.
Only the cendol at little penang (KLCC/MidV) tastes like the original Penang St cendol.
It freezes you from inside out.
I felt shopaholic syndroms in MidV.
What I want most is this violin stand, called a "conductor's stand" which is so much better than my flimsy one. This "conductor's stand" is solid-er and has those things to clip the paper in place. Without those clips, it's useless. Sighs.
Oh, and I want sunglasses, a haircut, and eyebrow treatment.

Then we went to drop my sister off, and we went out again... skip skip skip to...
Aunty Swee Lan's bday present to me!
We ate the thing which has 8 mini scoops.
Everyone knows how much I love ice-cream!
And the most expensive icecream in the world??
I was such a jakhoon, I started taking pics of all things Haagen-Dazs.
Like Haagen-Dazs serviettes...
And Haagen-Dazs umbrellas...
And Haagen-Dazs costers through a glass of water...
I was so jakhoonish I forgot to take a pic of the icecream before I devoured it.
So here's the after pic.That's all I guess.
Can't wait till my birthday!
It's on SATURDAY, peeps.

Thursday, April 23, 2009


"I hate people who say 'chill'."

Yeah, I really hate those people.
Like, you want to not care, you don't care la.
Why can't you let me stress out if I want to?
"Relax" and "chillax" count as well.
You know what?
You want me to chill?
I'll tell you how I can chill.
I'll chill if I can PUNCH YOUR FACE IN.
Hard enough to damage your bone structure.
Wouldn't that be lovely?
100% guaranteed relaxation technique.

The weather is so freakin' hot I'm melting.
The computer room is the warmest room in my house, and I'm stuck in here doing folios.

I didn't stare at anyone in class today. 'cause there wasn't Math.
I love staring at ppl during maths.
No, I love staring at people, period.
I notice boys in our class don't like being stared at.
Like calvin, edbert and gan.
They hate it, actually. I didn't notice people noticed til I read xin you's blog.
He blogged about it lol?
His blog's a sad one so I'll help promote, here.
But I stared at yipjunwei after school.
Because I found out that he was the idiot who told the pengetua that prefects don't need to pick up rubbish as it's not part of our duty, to her FACE.
So I was staring at him nonstop.
Because he's such a genius.

I'm just a little bit caught in the middle,
Life is a maze and love is a riddle.

Wednesday, April 22, 2009


"I really, really hate girly girls, but can't stand extreme tomboys either."

My internet connection and computer is so slow, it makes me want to scream.
I'm so sleepy, which is why I'm online, I don't want to sleep in the afternoon and keep up all night.
It's so hot today.
And I really should start studying, but I just fall asleep everytime I do.
Feeling like a stinking loser.
I love Chalystha.
She helped me with my sejarah work today.

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

"I believe in love at first sight."

I'm crazy busy.
I have to practice my violin at least an hour a day.
I've restarted violin class.
I have to complete all my folios.
I have to catch up on everything I missed last week.
I need to start intense studying as the bengkel falls before exam week and during.
I need to start fixing my BM problem.
I need to fix my indices problem.
I need to have fun.
I need to sleep.
I need to eat.

Today I wore my contacts for the second time.
Was damn hard to put in, but I managed it xD.
I also locked myself into the KHB lab all alone because I needed to complete my folio and Pn. Usha asked me to padlock the door from inside since any freak can just walk in there.
And, Mr. Sammy is making me do ALL his stupid english work when I was away.
Gargh. Like, thanks a lot.
I didn't see any hot guy today. ;)
Not that I do, any day.


Monday, April 20, 2009

"I spend an estimated RM120 on earrings annually."

You know what friends do?
Let me tell you what "friends" do.
They speculate about you and a certain guy.
They tell the world you like him.
Then when you're near the guy, they yell out your name over and over again.
So the guy thinks you like him even if you don't.
And then you'll never be able to look him in the face again.
Yay friends.

Today was my first day back.
Felt good, and my mountain of work reduced a tiny bit.
I'm closer to Edmund and Nasirah now, though Herman is very emo in school.
Xin You made me feel guilty about his being scolded by his dad credit-wise.
And it was freakin' hot today.

Oh, and my poem.

Rue to the world
The world of mankind
To those who know nothing
But of what they want to know.

And rue to the world
To those who care naught
To those who won't see
To those who won't listen.

Where is the love?
The caring, the compassion
The things that make us smile
The things that make us laugh

If this is our fate
Our future, our destiny
Then a doomed race we are
And the world will come crashing down.

But even as we wait
As we wait in the darkness
A ray of light shines through
And we know we have hope.

I wrote it under 90 seconds, so give me a break, okay?

Sunday, April 19, 2009


"I hate being gender stereotyped as a girl but haven't a problem with gender stereotyping guys."

I'm gonna start each post with an info snippet about me or just a random piece of trivia.
Yesterday I went to Shangri-La Hotel, Kuala Lumpur, to eat at Zipangu, the jap restaurant there.
Hehe, lunch buffet, sat down for 3 hours stuffing myself.
Strawberries, beef, rice, sushi, california rolls, ice cream, desserts, tempura prawns...

I love food. Yumm.

Today is Herman's birthday!
Today was also my Rite of Calling in church.

yay. the rest of the work sucks.

Like the English poem we need to say in class, I'm screwed looking for one.
So I just scribbled down some crap, took me like 90 seconds. I got a nice poem.
I'll post it ESOK. =D
'cause I don't want all of my posts to be long.

Saturday, April 18, 2009

Bengkel KPM 1

Hi, people.
jacie tan cheng hwee is back.
The Bengkel 1 Konsert Pendidikan Malaysia (this is the first, there are THREE)
was on the 14-18th April 2009.
The real thing (attended by the Agung, and all the Education Ministers of the Commonwealth countries, like I dunno, the countries of the Commonwealth I guess)
is on the 17th of June.
You guys heard me freak out before.
This is after. I wanna give you all a pretty detailed story, so it's a long post.

the view frm my roomthe view frm the coffee house

We stayed at the Kuala Lumpur International Hotel, which is really nice.
Like, really, really nice for a cheap hotel, with lovely food and everything, and the view.
Or, to do Mr Sammy credit, when I saw it, I was "lost for words".
From both my room and the dining room.
Nice hotel though. If for some psychotic reason I'd want to stay in a cheap hotel in KL, I'd choose this.

Erm, I went there, thinking I was gonna be sad and alone, but boy was I wrong.
I'm gonna give a bio on every person I know there. Okay, not every, but to start with:
God help us. Four of us are just too much for one hotel to take.

this is how retarded we are

Nasirah became my big sister there, and I love her so much xD.
She's a diploma in violin, and she's the only one with a super cool super fast super tough
Vanessa Mae piece (Red Hot) to play solo.
When I heard her play that my heart felt so proud of her. You go Nasirah!
She kept me company all the time and she totally rocks.
She stayed upstairs from my room, and her roommates, two chinese Sarawakian sisters and a nice Malay girl Baiti are so nice they rock too. All four in her room are violinists.

Herman, who was not there for the whole camp, is a singer, and erm... well, Herman...
We discovered some things about you when you eat. Interesting.
He rooms with a short bald Penang cellist, a tall bald Penang cellist, and someone else.
His room is like opposite mine. The cellists are retarded and ANNOYING.

Edmund the most RETARDED of us all. God. I can't ever look at him the same way again.
He, erm... he's.... I'd better just leave it to your imagination.
He rooms with Fanzi, Ee Liang, and another Malay dude.
He's in love with Fanzi, who's from Sabah, and who rocks the house with his vocals.
Edmund thinks Fanzi has cool hair, and his eyes shine when he talks about Fanzi.
Ee Liang, the violinist is not retarded, very innocent and sweet. Haha. Poor him.

My roommates are two trainee teachers who are backup vocals, a Malay and a Dusun.
They're pretty nice, and Kak Ifti takes good care of me.
The other roommate... is Rebecca Jane Joseph.
Call her Rebecca Jane.
She's.... well, she's something. She's.... she's from an outskirt school in Kajang.
And... her parents (both father and mother) come into our room everyday.
They.... like to scold her, when I'm sleeping.
She's........................................ no comment.

In our orchestra, we play all the music that is to be sung.
So in the concert there's no like pre-recorded music or anything.
It's all us.
So, we have like, I dunno, 20 violinists, 20 brass/wind, 4 celloists, and the RHYTHM section.
I love staring at them.
They consist of the drummer, pianist, organist, electric guitarist, guitarist, bassist, and percussionists.
Coolest being, of course, the drummer and the pianist.
The drummer is super cool, he's always late, and he plays best when he's got his headphones on.
SOMEONE (not saying who) thinks he looks hot with his headphones on.
The pianist is our conductor's son, he composes a lot of our songs, and he doesn't even look at the notes. He's a very smiley person.

My schedule over there is basically:
6.15 - wake up
7.00 - breakfast
8.00-12.00 - training
12.00-2.00 - lunch/rest
2.00-4.30 - training
4.30-8.00 - rest/dinner
8.00-10.30 - training

They give us breaks, but the daily 9 hours of training, sitting down with your neck clamped on your violin is no joke.
The songs are hard, and there are a lot of them. Erm, 20+, I think?
Sectionals is horrible, too.
Orchestra's not so bad.
The singers have it easy, they get to have fun and exercise and dance.
Musicians don't get that privilege.
That's why although the fed us vitamins, a lot of us fell sick (including me!)
Yeah, they literally made sure we swallowed our pills every morning.

I don't wanna dwell on the emo stuff I went through, but basically on the 2nd day I was a mess, though I picked up after the 3rd day.
I went home on Friday. On Friday there was this preview of the concert, and a Dato' director of education something came.
It was cool, we played 6 songs. I wasn't nervous, I was pretty excited.
My family came, so they could take me home after that (YAY!)
Everyone said it was great, but until that performance, I wasn't really sure I wanted to go through with this thing. Now I know I really want this, though I'm gonna have to work like **** on the songs and with homework and studies and all.
Oh, and it was funny, they had a sorta video presentation at that preview and I was in it.
I was in it even longer that Edmund and Nasirah and Herman put together.
I was sitting down during sectionals training, holding my violin, and I was laughing and looking so happy, though I can't remember when I looked so happy.
They kept zooming in on my face for like so long. Wtf.

So that's all. If you made it through this super long post, congratulations. If not, too bad.

I'd like to thank those who made my ordeal there bearable for me.
Those who contacted me everyday, sms or call, it don't matter,
Li Sar, Chalystha, Gan, Xin You, and family
Those who were with me there
Nasirah, Edmund, Herman, the Perak girls, Kak Ifti and Kak Emily.
I love you all.

Friday, April 10, 2009

Quite messed up

This is a re-start-up of my blog.
So, I'm back to blogging again. We'll see how long it lasts?
Anyway, I chose a very time to start blogging again.
The skin-editing took me 3 days to finish, maybe because I'm a noob.
It's LOTR/Arthur-Morgana themed.
You're supposed to love it no matter what.
It used to look like this.
So, not too bad for a first-timer...

You wanna know why it's a bad time?
Because of this Konsert Kementerian Malaysia.
Where the Agung will be.
I (sort of) agreed to perform the violin in the orchestra for it.
Pn. Rema and Pn. Fadzilah told me there would be auditions.
And if I got through, there would be "central" training, where they lock you up for a week in a hotel and you have to practice all day and night.
So I just put my name in, thinking I'd flunk out before the training started.
And bibbity bobbity boo.
Yesterday, a Thursday, they told me the training is on Monday (3 days away!) till Saturday. Teacher said, a hotel in KL. Someone will pick you up to get there.
Now, how helpful. Erm, name of the hotel? Name of organisers?
No, no sweat. Just pack your bags, and disappear for 6 days.
Today, I got a letter, which (aha!) gives me a hotel name and a person's name.
By now I'm freaking out. The scores are above my level. I'm a rusty violin player.
I can't back out now. (Thanks, teacher.)
So, I'm just going to go, and see if they might kick me out.
Not the smartest plan ever made, but there you are.
A nice hole of messiness.
And no-one's getting me out.
I probably will die before Saturday comes... I mean, I have a tendency to not eat at camps of any sort. Like what happened during NILAM, deja vu.
Smart, jacie, smart.

Not to mention, this Sunday is Easter, which is supposed to be happy time...
When I can eat meat after abstaining for nearly 6 weeks...
So I was gonna stuff myself...
And concentrate on studies...
Do folios...
Oh, and I got my contacts.
I was supposed to practice getting them into my blinking eyes?
But now, looks like I can't, can I?


I know it's a long post, but there you have it.
This. is. perfect.