Thursday, October 29, 2009


Argh. I've started writing again, and now I remember why I wanted so badly to stop in the first place. It's hard. It's so hard to get up with a good story line and let it unfold. It's worse still when you have no one to help you out. Now I understand why all the authors always thank a tonne of people in their Acknowledgements. Because without that tonne of people, the book never would've seen the light of day. And I don't have a tonne of people. No-one (that I'm close with) actually gets this. It's so frustrating and not helpful at all. Which is pretty sad. I'm never going to be able to do anything in Science or Maths (this coming from the girl taking Pure Science next year) but it's not as if I'm going to be able to succeed in Language. I mean, my English is merely mediocre at best. I don't have anyone to help me improve it anyway. To improve a language, you've gotta practice speaking with someone, right? And not just some half-past-six standard of English. Therefore, it's deteriorating day by day. Now I'm just stuck. Continue writing this lame story I've started, or start a new one and go through the whole process of struggling before I give up again?

Monday, October 26, 2009

Back from Penang

Hey! I'm so happy I went to Penang, it was on my to-do list. And I can't get enough of my dad's hometown! I badly want to go next weekend! After all, we went this past Sat/Sun to pick up my grandma for her medical check-up, so we gotta send her back. Just 2 days are enough! Well, not really, but it'll have to do! It's so awesome to be in Penang when it's not CNY; we get to do whatever we want, whenever, eat at all the shops that close during festive seasons, and it's not half as hot!

I won't list down all the things I ate in Penang and Ipoh, because if I do, this post will be uberly long. All I know was that I ate so much and so often, my stomach didn't have time to rest! I think I'm gonna have to diet for a bit if I wanna go back next week. =) I love Penang so much. Oh, and I thank my AhSim korkor, Derick korkor, kepoh, kepoh, kepoh, ipoh and amah for this trip. Plus parents esp dad for driving me all the way there and back.


I just came back from Penang, and I should be two things: tired, and happy. I am happy, Penang was really great, more on that later, but now I'm just feeling blue. I feel sad, and I just wonder, about things, and - oh, did I mention I've started writing again? It was ages, since I... I've been having writer's block - I'm very disorientated right now, just sad, and I wanna get it all out. Because, I look at all the things I've jotted down when I just feel - like this, and I see it all, and I wonder if one day I'll ever have the courage to - show anyone what I've written, or, if it makes any difference, which I think it does, someone. Because it's just this feeling that feels like - I've never explained it to anyone, and I'm not so tired that I'll explain it here. Because I'm the type of person who'd never do that, ever. So right now in this moment of weakness, this is all I'd let slip, and then, tomorrow I'll be all rise-and-shiny again. Wait for it. But... I'll say this, I'm not okay, even when I say I am, because people rarely say what they really mean.

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Went to school today for the first time with short hair. I still don't know whether long or short is nicer, most people can't decide, but the teachers (!) seem to like it short, whereas some people, like Li Sar, seem too taken aback by the fact that I actually cut it to give any comment. I like it. I've wanted to cut very long already, just never before PMR, because I'd probably spend about 7 days and 7 nights crying my eyes out if it didn't turn out nice. I know. I love my hair.

I hated school today so much I could only stand 3 hours of it. In fact, school was so boring I actually dug out my big fat Shakespeare book and read Hamlet. I preferred reading Shakespeare some boring old bald guy's over-exaggerations to actually doing whatever we were supposed to do in school. Imagine that. And now I'm really reading Hamlet, I totally agree: Hamlet is just some whiny old prince. Because that's what he is. Whiny. But cheers! I'm at pg9!


Moving on.

It seems like I haven't run out of the holiday mood. Like, Nic and Joey and Lis said they were already bored, that all the things they wanted to do after PMR just don't have that special draw anymore. But me? I'm doing all the things I had on my list. I've gone on a shopping mania, am spending considerable (but not too many) hours on the PC, watching all the movies I wanted to watch, reading Shakespeare, catching up on my violin, lazing, blogging, immersing myself in all my various obsessions, I made tong yuen today, am going to Penang this weekend, and still having all my chores to do. Plus, my list still hasn't been completed yet. So maybe I wasn't exaggerating (unlike Shakespeare) when I said I'd enjoy post-PMR pre-SPM life.

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Hamlet, Prince of Denmark

Oh God. You know "The Prince and Me"? Well, Shakespeare's a pretty big part of the show. I have this huge book of all of Shakespeare's written works, so I dug it out and checked up the sonnet mentioned in the movie. I found the sonnet (Sonnet 148, which is really sweet), and that was okay, but then Paige mentioned "Hamlet, this whiny prince from Denmark". I recalled reading the bloody story, and then I realised I don't remember anything about it. So now my task is to finish reading "Hamlet, Prince of Denmark". Properly. Without skipping any lines or useless speeches. Trust me, it's not easy at all. I started last night and have finished a grand total of 4 pages. I could hardly keep my eyes open. I read the same paragraph like, 3-4 times and still didn't understand it. At all. No kidding. I wonder if one day I'll be able to finish reading all of Shakespeare's works, plays, sonnets, poems and all.

Anyway, as you can see, I can get very obsessed by some random movie. Which is why I absolutely cannot read chick lits or useless bimbo movies. Because then I'll turn into some useless bimbo chick. I get easily swayed by movies and books that I really like. I guess maybe because I pay attention to details in movies and books that others don't, until I get absorbed?

Monday, October 19, 2009

I love shopping malls

I do! What's there not to love about shopping malls? Now that I have my trusty pair of Crocs, my feet never ache after about 5 hours of shopping. It's just the calves that give hell. I love Crocs. Seriously, I do. I know that now after... 5 hours of shopping with the girls in Sunway on Wednesday, 3 hours of shopping around Mutiara Damansara, and another 8 hours of shopping at Sunway Pyramid again and the Curve. Oh, and 2 hours today at Mid Valley. So yeah. I've shopped a lot okay? But just window shopping. In fact, I hardly bought anything much. Just a gorgeous top.

In fact, all I really want is a nice pair of strappy heels. Did I get them? No. In fact, yesterday the Tan family bought 7 pairs of shoes. 3 for mom, 3 for sis, 1 for dad. Hey. Jacie's name isn't mentioned. Why? Because fate just doesn't want her to get a new pair of shoes. ARGH!

Anyway, I went to MidV today to finish reading "Ransom My Heart" in Borders, which I've been reading everytime I managed to run to a bookstore during our shopping hours. I think I managed to finish it under 4 accumulated hours. Not bad. I liked the book, because it reminds me of the Prince and Me, and that's what I really like right now, but the second half of it was really draggy. Too draggy for me. Ah well. I wasn't gonna buy it anyway.

Did I mention I cut my hair? No? I'd post pics, but I can't upload now. Too bad! See you guys Wednesday!

Friday, October 16, 2009

The Prince and Me

I wanted to invest some time in a mindless chick flick since I'm still getting over the bout of depression CSI:NY brought on. No, that's not true, in two respects; I've wanted to watch this movie since before PMR and "The Prince and Me" is hardly a mindless chick flick. I mean, what's wrong with nice happy girly movie? I like 'em. Though asking me to watch "Confessions of a Shopaholic" might be a little bit too much.

Actually, this movie turned out much better than I expected (ending-wise) as it wasn't one of those overly-predictable happy endings. Plus, because the Prince Edvard (I never like him as "Eddie") has impeccable English (sigh!) and Paige is really smart and not a bimbo, I enjoyed the ongoing banter between them. Also, Soren reminded me of Niles the butler! Actually, I loved this movie. I'm gonna re-watch it.

One quote I'd like to post here, though there are other lines I like better in the show:

Brother: So Eddie, what's up with you and my sister?
Paige: John!
Brother: Paige, someone had to ask. He's too good-looking.
Eddie: I am not good-looking.


People, you should watch this show. So I don't have to type out the whole script here.

I just found out there's a Prince and Me 2 but they changed the actress and the reviews say the old chemistry between prince and girlfriend is not there. Hmm. Should I bother downloading it?

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

A tribute to Jessica Angell

A tribute to Jess Angell

I know. PMR's over, and I've just started up my blog again, but I'm not kicking off with the traditional "I'M BACK!" or "FREEDOM!". The reason why? As part of my post-PMR activities, I watched the last episode of CSI:NY Season 5 today. What happened? A spoiler here, people.

Detective Jessica Angell died.

How could that have happened? After five seasons, she finally got together with Don Flack. And they were so happy together. And then. She died. Is that fair? No! I hate it when writers split up my favourite TV couples. I watched the whole thing and was pretty much bawling for a whole hour. Crying my eyes out. I couldn't believe she really died. But the way she died was so... sweet. That Don was with her. That he tried to save her and all. But the fact she died is so... not.

If I had my way, I'd post here every quote of Jess Angell and every second of how she died, but I think that would be too much. But I really wish all my favourite series wouldn't fall apart.

Summary of how she died: She was on the phone with Flack when some armoured truck crashed into the cafe where she was. She was supposed to protect some jackass so she started firing. But she got shot in the stomach and shoulder by the guy with a military gun. Flack heard it and went to go get her. He found her bleeding on the floor. He sent her to the hospital himself but she died in surgery.