Wednesday, October 14, 2009

A tribute to Jessica Angell

A tribute to Jess Angell

I know. PMR's over, and I've just started up my blog again, but I'm not kicking off with the traditional "I'M BACK!" or "FREEDOM!". The reason why? As part of my post-PMR activities, I watched the last episode of CSI:NY Season 5 today. What happened? A spoiler here, people.

Detective Jessica Angell died.

How could that have happened? After five seasons, she finally got together with Don Flack. And they were so happy together. And then. She died. Is that fair? No! I hate it when writers split up my favourite TV couples. I watched the whole thing and was pretty much bawling for a whole hour. Crying my eyes out. I couldn't believe she really died. But the way she died was so... sweet. That Don was with her. That he tried to save her and all. But the fact she died is so... not.

If I had my way, I'd post here every quote of Jess Angell and every second of how she died, but I think that would be too much. But I really wish all my favourite series wouldn't fall apart.

Summary of how she died: She was on the phone with Flack when some armoured truck crashed into the cafe where she was. She was supposed to protect some jackass so she started firing. But she got shot in the stomach and shoulder by the guy with a military gun. Flack heard it and went to go get her. He found her bleeding on the floor. He sent her to the hospital himself but she died in surgery.


  1. After I thought I was okay, this still made me tear up ='((

  2. i still cant believe she is dead after 3 seasons i thinlk that it was so unfair that they hurt flack like that if i was a writer i would so of made it less dramatic so like instead of her dying put in a coma or kidnapped some thing so she could come back.