Monday, October 19, 2009

I love shopping malls

I do! What's there not to love about shopping malls? Now that I have my trusty pair of Crocs, my feet never ache after about 5 hours of shopping. It's just the calves that give hell. I love Crocs. Seriously, I do. I know that now after... 5 hours of shopping with the girls in Sunway on Wednesday, 3 hours of shopping around Mutiara Damansara, and another 8 hours of shopping at Sunway Pyramid again and the Curve. Oh, and 2 hours today at Mid Valley. So yeah. I've shopped a lot okay? But just window shopping. In fact, I hardly bought anything much. Just a gorgeous top.

In fact, all I really want is a nice pair of strappy heels. Did I get them? No. In fact, yesterday the Tan family bought 7 pairs of shoes. 3 for mom, 3 for sis, 1 for dad. Hey. Jacie's name isn't mentioned. Why? Because fate just doesn't want her to get a new pair of shoes. ARGH!

Anyway, I went to MidV today to finish reading "Ransom My Heart" in Borders, which I've been reading everytime I managed to run to a bookstore during our shopping hours. I think I managed to finish it under 4 accumulated hours. Not bad. I liked the book, because it reminds me of the Prince and Me, and that's what I really like right now, but the second half of it was really draggy. Too draggy for me. Ah well. I wasn't gonna buy it anyway.

Did I mention I cut my hair? No? I'd post pics, but I can't upload now. Too bad! See you guys Wednesday!

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