Friday, October 16, 2009

The Prince and Me

I wanted to invest some time in a mindless chick flick since I'm still getting over the bout of depression CSI:NY brought on. No, that's not true, in two respects; I've wanted to watch this movie since before PMR and "The Prince and Me" is hardly a mindless chick flick. I mean, what's wrong with nice happy girly movie? I like 'em. Though asking me to watch "Confessions of a Shopaholic" might be a little bit too much.

Actually, this movie turned out much better than I expected (ending-wise) as it wasn't one of those overly-predictable happy endings. Plus, because the Prince Edvard (I never like him as "Eddie") has impeccable English (sigh!) and Paige is really smart and not a bimbo, I enjoyed the ongoing banter between them. Also, Soren reminded me of Niles the butler! Actually, I loved this movie. I'm gonna re-watch it.

One quote I'd like to post here, though there are other lines I like better in the show:

Brother: So Eddie, what's up with you and my sister?
Paige: John!
Brother: Paige, someone had to ask. He's too good-looking.
Eddie: I am not good-looking.


People, you should watch this show. So I don't have to type out the whole script here.

I just found out there's a Prince and Me 2 but they changed the actress and the reviews say the old chemistry between prince and girlfriend is not there. Hmm. Should I bother downloading it?

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