Sunday, October 9, 2011

Haha. Did I seriously think I could do this? My head's scattered in a million different places at once. Sigh. I want to write. I haven't in so long.

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Killer Elite

Killer Elite was a very nice movie. Not exactly mind-blowing, but, well, I really really liked it. I decided to go watch it because it's been really long since I watched a good old assassin-based movie, and because, it's a Jason Statham-Robert de Niro movie, and, all right, maybe even Clive Owen factored in a little.

I am a Jason Statham fan and always, always will be. No Jason Statham movie can ever, ever go wrong. From The Italian Job to In The Name of the King to The Transporter to The Expendables, I love him so, so much. GAHH I LOVE JASON STATHAM. He is a BAMF, and a BAMF with a British accent, at that.

And there was Robert de Niro (click on the link if you want your life changed), too, that really old famous actor whom I had no idea existed, but fell in love with in Stardust - (an all time favourite movie, puh-lease). Needless to say, his acting was impeccable, but I never expected him to be so adorable. He actually made managed to make me cry a little (shaddap, I know it's not exactly difficult, but I never expected to).

Third famous name, Clive Owen, whom I know from Shoot 'Em Up and King Arthur. He portrayed the sort of character I always thought he would play best - the annoying, get-under-your-skin one. How can anyone look at that face - and that moustache - without wanting to punch it?

And there was a likeable, very real female character in it, too, one who doesn't have to have her hand held and shushed when screaming. (Unlike the trailer for the movie Abduction.) Oh, apparently she's the girl from Chuck. No, I don't watch Chuck. Come at me bro. No wonder she's so pretty. Plus point!

The storyline was inspired by the non-fiction book The Feather Men, and I wouldn't be surprised if this movie was banned in the UK, but I don't get why it's branded 18+. I mean, only like a dozen people died in it, tops, and not in very gruesome ways. Wait. Maybe more, if you count the unimportant cronies.

We were the first ones in the cinema, which was pretty cool for a while, until one middle-aged man came and sat in front of us. And then another middle-aged man came in. And then another. To our slight relief (we were beginning to think we were the targets of an assassination plot), some other younger guys came in as the advertisements started. Juicy tidbit about me: I love watching cinema ads and trailers. But all in all we were the only girls in the movie hall. Which was pretty funny, because every time Jason Statham punched someone in the balls (he did that pretty often), all the guys around us would go "Ooowwww", one headbanger behind us even going, "Woii, dei" at one point. Li Sar and I were... not quite as affected, I suppose, not being in the position to empathised with the unfortunate victims.

Girls, y u no go watch Killer Elite?!


Here have a picture.

LOL. I can upload that here from my extremely under-utilised camera phone now I never knew gosh I am so cool sometimes

Lately I've been having a lot of thoughts. Sometimes my head is like a whirlwind full of them, and sometimes there are just one or two thoughts that stay in my mind and don't go away. I think I've been wondering what my life would be like if it were a movie, or a book, or a song. And I've been feeling that it wouldn't be a very good one. Silly thoughts to have, I know, and not very original ones. But oh well. I'll save my deep-rooted confession of how I hate that I'm not good at anything at all for later.

"It's the deep breath before the plunge."


I've finally got the chance to just talk a lot with the girls lately, and it's really nice - it seems forever since we really just talked about all that nonsense that's in our head. Like the other day during our first forage into prom dress shopping with Nicole and Chalystha, or Monday, when the five of us spent the whole day in school whiling away free periods like we always used to, or yesterday when three of us were conquering the tree trunks in the tapak perhimpunan (I'm glad I got to do that before I left school; it was something I always wanted to do, and the weather was so lovely and I felt like a hipster) - amidst stares from the Sixth Formers. We're going shopping again this Friday and I am very much looking forward to it - I honestly cannot recall the last time the five of us got to go out all together.

Yesterday it struck me and Li Sar that it had also been a long time since we went out on a "date", and so that's what we did today. It was supposed to be lunch, a movie, yumcha and shopping. First thing I did when we got there was buy popcorn. (It's been that long since I've been to the cinema.) We watched Killer Elite, my choice. It was a really nice movie. I was going to post my thoughts on the movie here, but changed my mind, seeing as I am already dying from embarrassment everytime I look at my feedjit and see people arriving at certain posts I made when I was in the most critical fangirl mode - either on Romeo & Juliet, PotC, or *cringe* grey-eyed princes. I don't need someone to search "Killer Elite" and end up reading about my life instead. So I'm going to make a separate, albeit shorter, post on the movie. Lol.

Oh well, but our date was cut short after lunch when Sar had to unexpectedly rush off home. And then I was left stranded in TCM by myself. #foreveralone. After deciding there were no dresses there worth looking at, I texted Xin You, who lives like two seconds away from TCM, to see what he was doing, and he turned out to be in some Indian shop nearby with his watermelon friends. And then miraculously, some time later, Xin You, Calvin and Tzen Ren "bumped" into me in Borders. :) #notforeveraloneafterall. Haha, they are so cute. Even Calvin, who either really really hates me, or just doesn't generally maintain eye contact with humans. It was like when they so chivalrously decided to walk me home after school that one time even though it wasn't anywhere near on the way to wherever they were going. 5A boys. Gotta love 'em.

The Three Musketeers with Gannie-boy tomorrow. Gonna see Legolas and Mr. Darcy act as something other than an elf and a romantic legend! I wonder if it'll be good. I'm going to go and watch the 1993 version tonight and try to read the Alexander Dumas novel tonight, just to be prepared.

I need to read more classics. I'd take a tonload of them over slaving over addmaths any day.

Saturday, October 1, 2011


I love Borders. A lot. I actually call it my "favouritest place in the world". Which isn't strictly true, but you know. I don't know if it's truly Borders I love, or just, well, the books. I suppose if I were overseas in places where there are other bookstores, I guess I wouldn't really care about Borders. But here, it's Borders I really love. In fact, I am pretty addicted to Borders, probably more so than the average bookworm. Here is how I came to this conclusion, no exaggeration, I swear:
  • The air in Borders sends me on a high.
  • I will go inside a Borders outlet just to stand and sniff the air inside it.
  • I will do anything to smell the air in Borders.
  • When in a mall, I lie and say I need the loo but in actuality I dash to Borders to sniff the air.
  • Thanks to my internal Borders GPS, I can get to a Borders with my eyes closed.
  • I can run from one end of any mall to Borders in heels in record time. Proven.
  • Sometimes when I haven't been to Borders in really long, I mutter "boh-duhs" repeatedly under my breath and pretend I'm breathing the air there.
  • When given a choice of mall to visit, I will choose MidV or The Curve, because they have big Borders outlets there.
  • I will purposely ask my family to take me out with the made-up excuse of spending some quality family shopping time, just so I can spend the day alone at Borders.
  • I will pretend I'm looking for a shop that doesn't exist which happens to be near Borders.
  • I will plead out from any shopping party as soon as I can so that I may go to my beloved Borders.
  • I study in Bangsar Coffee Bean because it's in the same building as Borders.
  • I study in Bangsar Starbucks because it is in view of Borders.
  • Once I was supposed to go on a desperate shopping trip alone the weekend before Christmas but when I was dropped off in midv I spent the whole time in Borders.
  • There is no joy like seeing the big logo of BORDERS from the distance.
  • It causes me physical pain to be in the same building as a Borders and not at least walk past it.
  • It is difficult for me to walk past a Borders without entering it.
  • I can spend hours just sitting on the floor of Borders, even without reading a book.
  • I love the black armchairs of Borders.
  • Borders is the only place I can finish books in single sittings.
  • I consider it an indignity to ask the Borders help desk for directions.
  • I think I know the Borders shelving system better than most staff there.
  • I like the way Borders display their recommended books.
  • I'm running out of reasons.