Saturday, October 1, 2011


I love Borders. A lot. I actually call it my "favouritest place in the world". Which isn't strictly true, but you know. I don't know if it's truly Borders I love, or just, well, the books. I suppose if I were overseas in places where there are other bookstores, I guess I wouldn't really care about Borders. But here, it's Borders I really love. In fact, I am pretty addicted to Borders, probably more so than the average bookworm. Here is how I came to this conclusion, no exaggeration, I swear:
  • The air in Borders sends me on a high.
  • I will go inside a Borders outlet just to stand and sniff the air inside it.
  • I will do anything to smell the air in Borders.
  • When in a mall, I lie and say I need the loo but in actuality I dash to Borders to sniff the air.
  • Thanks to my internal Borders GPS, I can get to a Borders with my eyes closed.
  • I can run from one end of any mall to Borders in heels in record time. Proven.
  • Sometimes when I haven't been to Borders in really long, I mutter "boh-duhs" repeatedly under my breath and pretend I'm breathing the air there.
  • When given a choice of mall to visit, I will choose MidV or The Curve, because they have big Borders outlets there.
  • I will purposely ask my family to take me out with the made-up excuse of spending some quality family shopping time, just so I can spend the day alone at Borders.
  • I will pretend I'm looking for a shop that doesn't exist which happens to be near Borders.
  • I will plead out from any shopping party as soon as I can so that I may go to my beloved Borders.
  • I study in Bangsar Coffee Bean because it's in the same building as Borders.
  • I study in Bangsar Starbucks because it is in view of Borders.
  • Once I was supposed to go on a desperate shopping trip alone the weekend before Christmas but when I was dropped off in midv I spent the whole time in Borders.
  • There is no joy like seeing the big logo of BORDERS from the distance.
  • It causes me physical pain to be in the same building as a Borders and not at least walk past it.
  • It is difficult for me to walk past a Borders without entering it.
  • I can spend hours just sitting on the floor of Borders, even without reading a book.
  • I love the black armchairs of Borders.
  • Borders is the only place I can finish books in single sittings.
  • I consider it an indignity to ask the Borders help desk for directions.
  • I think I know the Borders shelving system better than most staff there.
  • I like the way Borders display their recommended books.
  • I'm running out of reasons.

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