Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Killer Elite

Killer Elite was a very nice movie. Not exactly mind-blowing, but, well, I really really liked it. I decided to go watch it because it's been really long since I watched a good old assassin-based movie, and because, it's a Jason Statham-Robert de Niro movie, and, all right, maybe even Clive Owen factored in a little.

I am a Jason Statham fan and always, always will be. No Jason Statham movie can ever, ever go wrong. From The Italian Job to In The Name of the King to The Transporter to The Expendables, I love him so, so much. GAHH I LOVE JASON STATHAM. He is a BAMF, and a BAMF with a British accent, at that.

And there was Robert de Niro (click on the link if you want your life changed), too, that really old famous actor whom I had no idea existed, but fell in love with in Stardust - (an all time favourite movie, puh-lease). Needless to say, his acting was impeccable, but I never expected him to be so adorable. He actually made managed to make me cry a little (shaddap, I know it's not exactly difficult, but I never expected to).

Third famous name, Clive Owen, whom I know from Shoot 'Em Up and King Arthur. He portrayed the sort of character I always thought he would play best - the annoying, get-under-your-skin one. How can anyone look at that face - and that moustache - without wanting to punch it?

And there was a likeable, very real female character in it, too, one who doesn't have to have her hand held and shushed when screaming. (Unlike the trailer for the movie Abduction.) Oh, apparently she's the girl from Chuck. No, I don't watch Chuck. Come at me bro. No wonder she's so pretty. Plus point!

The storyline was inspired by the non-fiction book The Feather Men, and I wouldn't be surprised if this movie was banned in the UK, but I don't get why it's branded 18+. I mean, only like a dozen people died in it, tops, and not in very gruesome ways. Wait. Maybe more, if you count the unimportant cronies.

We were the first ones in the cinema, which was pretty cool for a while, until one middle-aged man came and sat in front of us. And then another middle-aged man came in. And then another. To our slight relief (we were beginning to think we were the targets of an assassination plot), some other younger guys came in as the advertisements started. Juicy tidbit about me: I love watching cinema ads and trailers. But all in all we were the only girls in the movie hall. Which was pretty funny, because every time Jason Statham punched someone in the balls (he did that pretty often), all the guys around us would go "Ooowwww", one headbanger behind us even going, "Woii, dei" at one point. Li Sar and I were... not quite as affected, I suppose, not being in the position to empathised with the unfortunate victims.

Girls, y u no go watch Killer Elite?!

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