Monday, October 26, 2009

Back from Penang

Hey! I'm so happy I went to Penang, it was on my to-do list. And I can't get enough of my dad's hometown! I badly want to go next weekend! After all, we went this past Sat/Sun to pick up my grandma for her medical check-up, so we gotta send her back. Just 2 days are enough! Well, not really, but it'll have to do! It's so awesome to be in Penang when it's not CNY; we get to do whatever we want, whenever, eat at all the shops that close during festive seasons, and it's not half as hot!

I won't list down all the things I ate in Penang and Ipoh, because if I do, this post will be uberly long. All I know was that I ate so much and so often, my stomach didn't have time to rest! I think I'm gonna have to diet for a bit if I wanna go back next week. =) I love Penang so much. Oh, and I thank my AhSim korkor, Derick korkor, kepoh, kepoh, kepoh, ipoh and amah for this trip. Plus parents esp dad for driving me all the way there and back.

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