Friday, April 10, 2009

Quite messed up

This is a re-start-up of my blog.
So, I'm back to blogging again. We'll see how long it lasts?
Anyway, I chose a very time to start blogging again.
The skin-editing took me 3 days to finish, maybe because I'm a noob.
It's LOTR/Arthur-Morgana themed.
You're supposed to love it no matter what.
It used to look like this.
So, not too bad for a first-timer...

You wanna know why it's a bad time?
Because of this Konsert Kementerian Malaysia.
Where the Agung will be.
I (sort of) agreed to perform the violin in the orchestra for it.
Pn. Rema and Pn. Fadzilah told me there would be auditions.
And if I got through, there would be "central" training, where they lock you up for a week in a hotel and you have to practice all day and night.
So I just put my name in, thinking I'd flunk out before the training started.
And bibbity bobbity boo.
Yesterday, a Thursday, they told me the training is on Monday (3 days away!) till Saturday. Teacher said, a hotel in KL. Someone will pick you up to get there.
Now, how helpful. Erm, name of the hotel? Name of organisers?
No, no sweat. Just pack your bags, and disappear for 6 days.
Today, I got a letter, which (aha!) gives me a hotel name and a person's name.
By now I'm freaking out. The scores are above my level. I'm a rusty violin player.
I can't back out now. (Thanks, teacher.)
So, I'm just going to go, and see if they might kick me out.
Not the smartest plan ever made, but there you are.
A nice hole of messiness.
And no-one's getting me out.
I probably will die before Saturday comes... I mean, I have a tendency to not eat at camps of any sort. Like what happened during NILAM, deja vu.
Smart, jacie, smart.

Not to mention, this Sunday is Easter, which is supposed to be happy time...
When I can eat meat after abstaining for nearly 6 weeks...
So I was gonna stuff myself...
And concentrate on studies...
Do folios...
Oh, and I got my contacts.
I was supposed to practice getting them into my blinking eyes?
But now, looks like I can't, can I?


I know it's a long post, but there you have it.
This. is. perfect.

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