Monday, April 20, 2009

"I spend an estimated RM120 on earrings annually."

You know what friends do?
Let me tell you what "friends" do.
They speculate about you and a certain guy.
They tell the world you like him.
Then when you're near the guy, they yell out your name over and over again.
So the guy thinks you like him even if you don't.
And then you'll never be able to look him in the face again.
Yay friends.

Today was my first day back.
Felt good, and my mountain of work reduced a tiny bit.
I'm closer to Edmund and Nasirah now, though Herman is very emo in school.
Xin You made me feel guilty about his being scolded by his dad credit-wise.
And it was freakin' hot today.

Oh, and my poem.

Rue to the world
The world of mankind
To those who know nothing
But of what they want to know.

And rue to the world
To those who care naught
To those who won't see
To those who won't listen.

Where is the love?
The caring, the compassion
The things that make us smile
The things that make us laugh

If this is our fate
Our future, our destiny
Then a doomed race we are
And the world will come crashing down.

But even as we wait
As we wait in the darkness
A ray of light shines through
And we know we have hope.

I wrote it under 90 seconds, so give me a break, okay?

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