Tuesday, April 21, 2009

"I believe in love at first sight."

I'm crazy busy.
I have to practice my violin at least an hour a day.
I've restarted violin class.
I have to complete all my folios.
I have to catch up on everything I missed last week.
I need to start intense studying as the bengkel falls before exam week and during.
I need to start fixing my BM problem.
I need to fix my indices problem.
I need to have fun.
I need to sleep.
I need to eat.

Today I wore my contacts for the second time.
Was damn hard to put in, but I managed it xD.
I also locked myself into the KHB lab all alone because I needed to complete my folio and Pn. Usha asked me to padlock the door from inside since any freak can just walk in there.
And, Mr. Sammy is making me do ALL his stupid english work when I was away.
Gargh. Like, thanks a lot.
I didn't see any hot guy today. ;)
Not that I do, any day.


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