Thursday, April 30, 2009

Birthday Surprise

"I get touched very easily."

I had soo many things I wanted to blog about; I hadn't blogged for days.
The things have been playing out in my mind even in school today.
I wanted to say how yesterday sucked, how I cried so much.
But something awesome happened today that made me ride so high on euphoria I won't talk about anything else.
It's gonna be a long post, people.

My dearest, dearest friends threw me a surprise party.

Who was there:

Who planned it:

Who did the work:
All of them!

It was awesome. I never, ever, ever guessed. Honest. That was the most fantastic part.
Should I tell you the whole grandma story?
Yes. It's my blog - you want the short version, go to NICOLE'S.
The whole day came through awesome thanks to my good mood and a whole deal of luck - I knew it was gonna turn out awesome starting from the morning.
Lis, joey nic and cha were kinda weird, now I think about it, but their acting skills now leave me so impressed I can barely breathe.
It was lucky today was Thursday, a holiday eve and prefect meeting day.
The whole day things were happening behind my back.
In the morning my dad stuck around so Lis could pass him cooking stuff.
Then after school the non-prefect girls went to my house while calvin n xinyou walked.
And while I was calling my dad after meeting asking him why he was so late, my mom who was supposed to be at work was picking up the prefect boys to go to my house!

When I walked in through the door with joey n lisar behind me, the first thing I saw was cha, positioned perfectly, holding my birthday cake in the silence, then everyone yelled "SURPRISE" and started singing happy birthday, and I registered everyone there and I felt like crying, I was so happy, and I was blurring and going through the motions like a person in an oblivious dream.

I just blew my candles without thinking about it and I was led to the dining room, holding Clo to cover my face and then I saw there was food, and it took me awhile to register that the girls bought and cooked the food - spaghetti, sauce and egg - , baked the cake, and my dad made the fried rice and the glutinous dessert and my sister made the drinks, until my head cleared up a bit and I was so happy.

After the food - it was seriously so muhibah-ish, don't ask me why -
They began talking about some "event" and they locked me in my room.
They took freakin' long. And when they were finally ready, the girls came and told me I had to be blindfolded. Idiot me gave them a scarf. Then they started saying I had to make sure I couldn't see and I must be surprised, and how I shouldn't be angry and all... it was making me nervous since I thought they were gonna cream pie my face (yes, then I would've been angry) but I'm a nice person so I decided to oblige them.

When they led me out onto the porch, I heard my dad's car backing out and I thought they were gonna kill me before I turned fifteen. I started praying - that I wouldn't die, and so God would give me grace. Two things ran through my mind - cream-pie, water-balloon?
Then they made me stand out on the driveway with my back turned to them, and I could take off my blindfold and slowly turn around - I watched the video, it was funny like crap - and when I did, I freakin' saw Nico with the camera and 9 humans in a perfectly straight horizontal line, each armed with a colourful water balloon.


Thank god the waterballoons didn't all burst, so I had some to throw back at them. But it was over too soon and I wanted revenge, so smart, genius me, living in my house all my years took the spray-hose for sweet payback. The girls found another, so it rocked.

We all got sopping wet, head to toe, even Nico and Jocelyn and beauty queen Nicole.

The boys had to be dried outside the house - we girls took refuge in my room with hairdryers - luckily, everyone had spare clothes except Nic, who has one of my shirts now.

Then we had cake, baked by ChaNic Bakeries Inc, and it was delicious no end.
The choc topping was heaven. It had my name on it in M&M's!

Well, even the most perfect of all times had to end.

To sum it up, I was so happy. "Happy", it's all I can say. I was so touched, and happy, I never expected this much, if you guys ignored my next ten birthdays, I wouldn't mind.

I really want to thank all of you who were there, you made it special. But for those who planned it, you made it a blast. You made my day, and there was NOTHING I didn't like about it, and it was a magnificent amount of brainstorming. I'm sorry if you hated planning for it, but I really hoped you had fun.

Thank you so so much.

Pics, please excuse the horribleness of me, cuz I juz came back frm school, and then I got water-ballooned till I was sopping wet.

Me coming in

My delish cake by ChaNic Bakeries Inc.

Thanks for the food

Me blindfolded

Us after the fight!

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