Friday, March 12, 2010


Feeling slightly smug right now.
I bet the people at Grand City don't often see a chinese girl walk in alone.
And proceed to demand for roti canai (garing ya, garing) and teh o' limau ais.
And then the waiter she orders from recognises her and hurriedly signals for another waiter to take the order.
Because only that other waiter is important enough to serve the Tan family, or capable enough to get things done right.
And then when the chinese girl's favourite waiter makes her drink for her and makes the roti canai, he waits around to see if she pronounces the roti canai garing enough.
Then looks properly ashamed when she asks for sugar, because by now he should know that she ONLY eats roti canai with sugar.
Just came back from Grand City.
Feeling more than slightly smug, actually.

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