Monday, March 22, 2010


Had a bla-ast yesterday at Jo's birthday celebration, although I missed the karaoke (you see XinYou, some Christians have weekly obligations to fulfill) and came late.

But still, I joined Jocelyn, Nicole, Joey, LiSar, Gan, XinYou, Hwa Hong, Shau Yuan, Tzen Ren, Aqeemul, Siau Wen, MeiYee and Donovan for tea in Paddington's House of Pancakes, and that was fu-un!

It didn't matter that I'd just had lunch less than half an hour ago. Me and Gan decided on Treasure Box, which consists of Dollar Pancakes (bite-sized no-oil pancakes that are just delish), plums, strawberries, peaches, raisins and NO nuts. It was heaven, but a very small piece of heaven. Then I insisted on ordering a strawberry-banana milkshake as well, which turned out rich but nice.

XinYou was playing handphone games and not eating or socialising, like a little kid. Nicole was... creating babies with Aqeemul's girlfriend. ;) We took pictures, sang happy birthday repeatedly just to embarrass Jojie, and I created a maple-syrup-melted-chocolate-icecream-strawberry-banana mix for Don to drink.

Then we all went to the bowling alley, and I think (well, rightfully I don't know) some of us split up. I don't know because I was the first to ciao, I needed to do some shopping for my family, as we are building a new bathroom for my sister in my house, and there were sales everywhere. I was supposed to do some price-scouting/shopping before my family joined me in 1U. So I went off with Gan in tow.

So me and Gannie set off, running errands, getting sidetracked by the hu-uge MPH book fair on the ground floor (okay, I got sidetracked). We had to buy Gan water. The boy can't even walk a tiny portion of 1U's new wing without getting all exhausted. I'd better train him up so his future gf won't have so hard a time. He was looking a sight by the time we reached the old wing.

I won't bore you with details - though I am making this post pretty detailed on purpose. Anyway, after my mum and sis joined me, after getting the car banged, might I add, we went around shopping, and then guess where we went to dinner?

Paddington's House of Pancakes.

I was glad and mortified.

Glad because we ordered really nice meal pancakes, and the food is yummy.

Mortified because the whole experience was mortifying.

Let me tell you this. Jocelyn called and booked a table for 15 at PHOP. Somehow, when we arrived, we didn't take the place reserved for us at the veranda. We went and joined tables and sat inside. I don't know what happened. Jocelyn never said she'd booked in advance. So there we were, noisy-ing up the whole place while PHOP was keeping a huge table in reserve for us.

Yes, when they found out, they were pretty pissed.

When I paid the bill with Gan, I tried very hard to pacify them. I was really sorry, and I told them so, especially when the guy kept saying they had to turn away loadsa customers that day for US. Anyway, the people there were Filipino and nice.

Even as I was feeling guilty again about coming back here when we lost them so much business for the day, as I was about to enter PHOP agian, my mind kept playing flashbacks of all the noise we made, all the repeated Happy Birthday's, in different languages, no less, all the camwhoring, and my friends bugging the cooks toward the end. I think I was blushing something fierce.

The guy who handled my bill earlier, whom I'd been apologising to, did a double take when he saw us examining the menu outside, so I quickly said "Hi". I expected him to recognise me. But I didn't expect the other guy, who was our server for the night, to say as he handed me the menu, "Nice to see you again, ma'am."

God, embarrassing.

And then it turns out we ordered choco-chip pancakes, and we got plain ones. I insisted on digging in, too lazy to wait for them to rectify the mistake, but we let our server know anyway. Next thing we know, he says the kitchen'll fix us three extra choco-chip pancakes to make up for it.

Urgh, they probably are going to remember me forever as problem-girl.

I am never going back there again.

Aqeemul, you idiot monkey, upload the pictures.
Cha, in case you were wondering, I for one missed you yesterday.

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