Friday, May 7, 2010

What is your soul like?

I shall just put this on the blog until Saturday/Sunday, when I have a free hour or so to blog about my beautiful birthday.
Hopefully to deter HuiJan for awhile.

Jacie took the "What is your soul like?" quiz and the result is Gentle.
You have a gentle soul. You are kind and tend to be quiet, not saying that you don't have fun or dislike being around people, but you like your "alone time" as well. You appreciate the little things in life as well as the magnificent. You prefer the quiet and the serene to the loud bustle of the rest of the world. You have a gift with people and/or animals, and you can use that gift to help them. People cannot help but like you, but you are also a target, your quietness percieved as a weakness to some. You are strong in your moral sense of right and wrong and will go out of your way to help some one. There really should be more great and kindly people like you in the world, keep on smiling, people love it when you smile :)

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