Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Shipping Time Away

It's called "shipping". Getting obsessed with a TV relationship between two characters. Usually they have cute little names for these "ships", like Brangelina - in this case, for Arthur and Morgana, it's ArMor. It's an unfairly doomed ship, and I found out on youtube WHY they make Arthur fall for Gwen instead HERE, unfair because they started it out in Season One and then suddenly killed it in Season Two...

Been reading up on Arthurian legend, watching youtube videos, searching for pictures...
What am I doing?

Wasting time.


Heck, I don't know what's with the last one.

From here and here.

That's what you get when you study mod maths. You hear Pn. Norma's voice in your head, and then run screaming to get onto the computer to find something to distract yourself.

Oh, and, a smiley face for Nicole Low.

Nicole Low

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