Saturday, April 9, 2011

The WWII Times Square Kiss

One of the most famous kisses of all time, photographed by both Alfred Eisenstaedt and Victor Jorgensen. It was the day the President of the United States announced that the devastation that was World War II was officially over. A sailor went wild on the streets of Time Square, grabbing every female in sight - young, old, married, he didn't care - and kissing them. Alfred Eisenstaedt captured this picture - which until this day remains indelibly stamped in popular culture. He says he only took the picture because of the sailor's black uniform and the nurse's white dress. Several people have come forward claiming to be the nurse and sailor but really, nothing can be truly confirmed.

Victor Jorgensen's shot of the scene.

It was an entirely spontaneous kiss between two complete strangers, in celebration of the ending of an inferno. Thanks to these photographs, it became an entirely spontaneous immortalised kiss.


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