Saturday, February 20, 2010


Scene in class

Cikgu Shafizan: Kau nak jadi apa, Jacie?
me: *mumbles*
Cikgu: Hah?
me (reluctantly): penulis...
Cikgu: Polis?
Stupid boy 1: Polis?
Stupid boy 2: Polis??
Other stupid ppl: Jacie nak jadi polis??

I don't know what I want to be.
What I want to be, and what I can be, are two entirely different things.
Financial-wise, capability-wise, opportunity-wise, reality-wise.

Today a new ambition struck me.
I suppose it was there for some time, but it never registered.
It seems as if it really could be the thing best for me, given to what I've been doing lately.
But see those four reasons above, and that's what I'll never say.

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