Tuesday, February 2, 2010


For the last time, certain people, I am not smart.
PMR results are scarcely a way of judging intelligence.
Calling me smart would be just an insult to all those people out there who are way smarter than me.
Want me to name a few?
I'd just start with some in my class, like chalystha and daniel and rashindra and hwa hong.
Don't insult them by calling me smart.

Today someone wrote a positive and negative trait about me.
+Extremely smart and hardworking
-Too cocky

I've already disclaimed the 'smart' bit.

But am I cocky?
Am I really?
I assume I'm arrogant about my so-called smart-ness?
Well, really?

Do I go around telling people I'm smarter than them?
I don't know.
We never do see our own faults in ourselves, do we?

Maybe I am cocky.
But I'm not smart.

This does not mean I am stupid, either.
I'm also not saying the whole world calls me smart.

(I'm just being extra careful to clarify, as Pn. Kokilam says, someone is always watching, and well, I want that someone to get it right.)

Oh, and Cha?
I'm so proud of you.

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