Monday, February 7, 2011

The song meant something?!

Sorry I haven't been updating.
But free time is precious now, and I've spent every moment of it I have on attempting to write, which really really really sucks, because I suck, or watching Criminal Minds, and tumblr-ing Criminal Minds - go and visit my tumblr *link!* and you will totally get what I mean. Yes I am in a Criminal Minds/Dr. Spencer Reid/ Matthew Gray Gubler phase, I've noticed tyvm!

Hui Jan this is for you.

Things about this 1-minute video that make me deliriously happy:

Morgan strolling in like the hot guy he is.
Morgan looking so crinkly-eyed and happy to see Reid.
Morgan greeting Reid with his "Pretty boy!"
Reid accustomedness to being called "pretty boy" by Morgan
JJ's happyface.
Prentiss, Morgan and Reid's confusion.
JJ singing!
Morgan's jealous face.
Morgan's jealous storming off.
Prentiss' utter delight.
"Didn't you hear JJ?"
"No - no, I missed it!"
Prentiss at a loss for words.
Just... Reid's face at the end there.

(If only Hotch were in it too.)

I'm sorry, did I just narrate the whole video for you? Suck it up.

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