Thursday, March 3, 2011

CM Life and Ditzy Me

Please do not read this if you are not utterly bored and have nothing else better to do.

I feel happiest when I'm talking about Criminal Minds. Chalystha and Joey both saw episode 100 of CM, and I was like the happiest girl alive. Now I can tell them about random episodes of CM I've watched and that is just like the bright point of my day.

I saw the sun today!
It was like an orb! A great, big, orange orb!

Today Nicole captioned a drawing of the sun as "Future Jacie". She made me so happy, y'know? Here's one thing I bet you've never known about me. I've always wanted to be reborn as a star. On account of reading books where human beings go, "I was once a star."

On tumblr, I follow a bunch of Criminal Minds freaks. This means my whole entire dashboard is just full of CM pictures. They're awesome people, you know? They're hardcore. Show them a close-up of a character and they can immediately tell you what episode it's from by the clothes/hair. I can do that too, but only with my favourite episodes. They're tumblr friends, these hardcore CM-ers. Like calls to like!

Anyway, I saw a tumblr blog with the description that goes something like, "I would have kicked ass at debate if it were about TV and not... things that matter."
Which brings us to the next thing I want to tell you today!

Today in class I "sort of" debated for the first time. The biggest regret I have about coming to a fluky school like Samad is the demise of my public speaking life. Yeah, I suck like crap now. Can't speak fluently and start shaking like an aspen leaf whenever I public speak. Who knew I used to the be good at it in primary. When Pn. Manjeet (!) asked me to speak impromptu today (all of 5 seconds after she gave me the topic) I blabbed like an idiot. Lol. Shush. Erasing that memory starting NOW. (I'm good at that.) But, what I really wanted to say was, my first title, where I was actually given 5 minutes, was entitled, "Parents should be held morally and legally responsible for their child's crimes".

I stood up and was shaking and all but I just focused on what I was planning to say. Which was on Criminal Minds. My whole entire isi was from CM. The whole time I was speaking I had Hotch talking to me in my right ear and Reid on my left, and the backdrop of the BAU in front of my eyes. CM saved my ass from further embarrassment in class today. I used their adolescent sociopath theory and cases of fathers raping their kids and legal implications and all that. So I think I did pretty well! When I sat down it was one of the proudest moments of my life! I love Criminal Minds in my life!

Incidentally (NOT that I was leading up to this the whole entire ditzy boring blogpost), I nearly died of joy yesterday.

I was wasting time away on the computer. (Monthly test next week yes I know I suck.) And I was bored. So like any other normal person I went to google and typed in "spencer reid fangirl".


Hahahahahhahahaha because I saw my name as the very first result on google search!

Right there! journal of a jacie! Please go try it out! Now, before it's too late and it changes! Homg, I know you want to!

Always been a life mission to be the first hit on a google search, that doesn't involve my name of course. And now it's come true!

Thank you, CM!

Tomorrow sejarah video presentation homgggg. 

Yes, there's something wrong with me.

I'm not feeling so good.

Can I have some grapes?

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