Sunday, June 21, 2009


Why haven't I been babbling on about my KPM?
It's not because I don't want to bore people.
Nah. My blog, my posts, MY WONDERFUL BACKGROUND.
It's because I've been too freakin' emo to think about it even.
I miss people there.
I miss the routine, you know?
There's a routine. One that I fell into for a week.
And now I'll never, ever, ever get it back again.
I try to comfort myself, you know?
But truth remains. I'll probably never see more than half of them ever again.
And, you know, you can keep in touch right?
I guess, with your friends.
But it's those people, whom you never really talked to, but always saw at breakfast every morning, and at practice, and knew they'd just be at the hotel, somewhere around...
Sooner or later, you're bound to forget their faces.
Bound to.
And for your friends?
You're bound to run out of things to talk about.
Bound to.
I'll miss them. Horribly.
I never really realised it, that last week.
And I'm glad I didn't.
Maybe, I'll blog about it later.
Need to get it out, you know?

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