Thursday, June 25, 2009

You know on Monday we did that stupid Wonderpets thing right?
Well, in my opinion the singing wasn't as bad as the parts before that.
"Apa istimewanya SMK Sultan Abdul Samad?"
"Alamak, laparlah pula!"

Well, it's an imprint on our class forever allright.
Like, our image jatuh tangga beberapa tingkat liao.
Scratch that, jatuh off KLCC liao.

Randomly Kudrat started the song during Siviks class, and we all joined it.
Cikgu Shafizan was like "???"

Haha, but the song is useful.
Today Pn. Lean came in late, and one thing led to another, so we were only left with 3 minutes of Math. But the she opened her book and took out her marker and said she still had time to teach us. Like, wtf??

So I said,
"Teacher, do you want to hear our Wonderpets song?"

And the Kudrat said:
"Apaaaaa yang penting?"

And the class said:

So the class ended up singing the whole song, and after we did, the bell...
Haha. Pn. Lean's face=priceless.

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