Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Day out with Robin Hood

Yesterday I watched Robin Hood.

Had a good day out with Gan, NicoleLow, Low Ian Kit and Aqeeemul in MidV.
Planned by Gan, we were to watch Karate Kid. But we ended up watching Robin Hood instead - nicole couldn't book and KarateKid ran out by the time monkay and me reached the ticket counter.

Went to Sushi Zianmai's for lunch with the monkey and the potato. The monkey was being extremely rude by refusing to eat anything because 1) he's on a diet and 2) sushi zianmai isn't high class enough for someone with that much money. 

Truth is, I was the one who'd picked Robin Hood at the spur of the moment. Neither Gan nor Nic were there and all monkay wanted to watch was A-team, which neither of the two absentees had heard of. I'd found out that nic's bro had joined us just to watch Karate Kid plus they were flashing Karate Kid trailers at us before we entered our hall, and I was worrying whether Robin Hood would be the type of movie the others would like.

But! The movie was awesome. We all agreed it was nice. This Robin Hood movie, directed by Ridley Scott starring Russell Crowe and Cate Blanchett, is probably the most historically and geographically accurate rendering of the movie you'll ever find on the big screen. I liked it 'cause it shows how Robin the common archer started out and became Robin Hood the outlaw. Everything was human and down-to-earth, very gritty. It was nice in its own way, with a really good shore battle at the end. I wasn't dumb enough to go to the toilet just as the big war was about to start.I loved Little John and Friar Tuck. I walked out of the cinema liking it and by the end of the day I loved it and moved it to my list of rewatchable movies. It was so my type of movie la. Archery, swords, war, nobles, commoners, horses, the crown (all of which I read in my Tamora Pierce books) and not to mention, Robin Hood.

We all then went yum cha at Little Penang and we had a lot of fun, including an incident involving lowyenyi at the table. All I can say is thank God I was sitting where I was sitting.

Lunch was great fun - I love those boys lar - and seeing nicole made me realise how much I'd missed her during the hols. Oh, and I can't wait to rewatch Robin Hood!

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