Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Prince of Persia

Today I watched Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time.

This movie lived up to my sisters' and everyone else's commendations. Critics also say it is the only movie originating from a video game that actually, well, lived up to the game. (FYI, I played the game when I was younger. I used to fall a lot when building-jumping.)

The movie is GOOD. The CGI was really cool, but it wasn't a movie that hides its crude plot, script and acting behind the special effects (hear that, Avatar?!). I liked everything about this movie, especially the acting. It came across me as very good. The action was awesome yet believable, with the prince getting caught a lot but not in a manner that gets you annoyed. The fights were so cool, and I take my hat off to both the people who choreographed them and Jake Gyllenhaal. They went all out in this movie to stay true to the game and I just can't over the fact there were so many fights and they were all so good!

Now I got all the stuffy part straightened out, let's get on to why Jake Gyllenhaal looks hell good in the movie compared to in pictures, totally stunning me when I saw him on screen.

The biggie number one... It's his hair, darlings! It's more important than anything else. Jake's hair. It's so... hot. Like hot hot. Reminds me of Aragorn's hair in FOTR. It's just, no matter what scene, his hair looks great. Even when it's wet. But mostly when it's dry. Either way it looks hot. It makes him look hot, do you understand? I just really, really, really love his hair. And it doesn't look that good in pics, because then you can't see the way it moves and flips into his eyes and looks damn sexy when he fights or talks or breathes. 'kay, moving on. Next are his eyes. As an actor he uses his eyes really well. And they're amazing eyes to begin with. Third, his smile. Jake Gyllenhaal has this really naughty boy face actually, and when he smiles you can see it, because he has a really hot smile. Fourth, his clothes. It's just the way he looks in his Prince Dastan-y clothing, and not many people can look good with a cloth wrapped around your head to cover your face, let me tell you. Fifth, then only we get to his body. And I don't need to say anything about that, because if you go to Google and type in "Jake Gyllenhaal" the prediction will follow-up with "workout".

Remember, pics are nothing. You know what? I think it's Prince Dastan I like, not Jake Gyllenhaal.

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