Friday, June 4, 2010

Mid-terms with a dash of citrawarna

Wow, the two weeks of dreaded mid-terms are over.
Needless to say, they were the worst set of papers I ever sat for.
Of course, this is 'cause we encounter full format for the first time.
And also because the time they give us is not according to SPM time and never enough.
And also because I never study consistently for maths and science subjects, meaning I usually depend on the last week or so, during which I was off to Citrawarna. (':
And when I came back my whole head and soul were so full of it I couldn't really come back down to earth anyway.

I may have been worse off than some who actually get the subjects they've taught us the past half-year (yes, darlings, it has been half a year!) but I'm not the only one in swept up in the aftermath of Citrawarna 1Malaysia 2010. The first day we were all back in school, everyone was singing the Dikir Barat song and doing the moves even during our papers. It's amazing how you can do a dance together without making a sound or looking at your friends, because after all during exams you're not supposed to look to your left or your right.(They never mention anti-dancing rules, so we're safe on that account.) On Facebook everything was citrawarna citrawarna citrawarna. On my part, I agreed wholly with what Pn. Rema said, that we would feel this "empty feeling in our hearts". That's exactly what I felt. Just this queer little ache and restlessness everytime I tried to stare at a textbook When you spend a week having the time of your lives with your friends, books neglected, just laughing and talking and bus trips and dancing and partying and enjoying and make up and bright lights and night streets without a care in the world, how can you just settle back down to school up to 2.30 and more studying when you get back?

But no, dears, I am not going to blog about exams, results and time will show you all that this is what I get when I don't get to study properly, so much for me being "smart", eh?

And, surprisingly enough, I don't think I can blog about citrawarna, either. An essay question for our mid-term was to "describe how an event changed your life". (Coincidentally, there was a BM essay question on tourism as well.) The first thing that came to mind, as in the case of  plenty of my fellow classmates, of course, was citrawarna. Because, no exaggeration here, it really did change some things for me. But I didn't write about it. They say you go for these kinds of things "for the experience". I always thought that was just a bunch of crap, but here I tell you they're right. It's an experience; you have to experience it, and there's no other way for you to know how it was like. Like, the other day, I walked into tuition and Lucas asked me, "So how was your dance thing?" The first thing I did was smile as a hundred different words came to my lips and I wondered what in the world I could fit into a one-sentence reply. In the end all I managed to say was, "Great. It was great." When HuiJan told me she couldn't see what was more to it than just dancing, I was at a loss of words to describe it as well. The dancing? The dancing was secondary, ultimately and completely secondary. Maybe I'll be blogging about it off and on, trying to get down sections of it, and by that time, we'll all probably be in 5A and regardless of what Tzen Ren thinks, I doubt we'll all still be citrawarna-ing. But I shall try to, and I'll do my very best.

*I dreamed about citrawarna 7 nights out of 10 that first week or so, and not I'm still having dreams about it off and on*

Meanwhile, for those of you who haven't yet done so, the best way to get a look at what we went through is to view the photos.

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