Friday, June 18, 2010

Mocha match

Yesterday night, smart-ass me decided to go out for drinks with the family just before midnight. I was even smarter when I ordered a mocha, when I know it to be a caffeinated chocolate drink. Caffeinated. C'mon, Jacie. COFFEE. Sigh.

I ended up watching the France-Mexico game. I couldn't sleep obviously, so I crept into my parents bedroom (where the TV is) and watched the 2.30 a.m. game all by myself. Because obviously mam and dad were sleeping. Like normal people would be.

I've never really watched a whole match supporting a particular team before. And now I have. I didn't even realise I was supporting France until I noticed I was aching for France to score a goal. And I nearly died of embarrassment when Mexico scored. And felt doomed when Mexico scored again. Why was I supporting France? I see now the answer is simple.

Yeah, remember him? The ooberly hot French player. Yoann Gourcuff.

But he wasn't even effin' playing yesterday. (WHY WASN'T HE? THAT'S WHY THEY LOST!) So maybe it was more of the fact that Mexico played freakin' dirty the whole time.

Or not.

So that was my first experience of supporting a team throughout a match. Because my team lost, it was agonising, humiliating and just downright painful. Immediately after the match ended at 4.30a.m. (!) I hauled my disgruntled self to bed.

I wonder how you guys do it all the time.

Anyway, I'm going to re-watch Prince of Persia tomorrow with Philip. 


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