Saturday, June 12, 2010


   FIFA World Cup 2010
South Africa!

Ooh, I love FIFAs. The first one I remember watching was the 2002 one. I was so crushed when I found out they only come around once every four years. Sigh, I think the 2002 cup was the best. Those were the days of David Beckham and Michael Owen, before arrogant idiots like Rooney and Ronaldo came and crashed the party. I was just mentioning this to Satyan yesterday, actually. "Gone were the days when Michael Owen was treated like a gem and only brought out last-minute like a secret weapon." Argh! And I miss catching David Beckham's banana kick!

There, I feel better after that rant. We move with the times. I'm not supporting any team in particular (though my heart, if you ask me, might still be with England. Though I don't believe they'll breakthrough this year, actually.) But anyway, here are some players JacieTanChengHwee is going to look out for. Not Messi. Okay maybe. Lionel Messi seems to me to be a real star to look out for, but, he is, er, kinda ugly.

Lionel Messi, Argentina

Next, Kaka. Liked Kaka all along. I mean, he's always been good, right? And he's cute. He's good, AND cute!

Kaka, Brazil

Steven Gerrard? Maybe. Ala, I know he's okay only la, but he's the only decent-looking England player right?

Steven Gerrard, England

Saving the best for last! Okay, I admit I haven't seen this guy play, but I've SEEN this guy, in pictures, and he is cute cute cute cute cute! Argh, cutest player ever! He is sooooo cute! So cute, he gets three pictures instead of one!

Yoann Gourcuff, France

And he's hot.

For the record, I am not just into football to look at hot guys, okay. Despite what Edbert tells you. And I may not know that much about the game, but Han Wey, you huge head, I do know a little. More than you know about F1 racing, anyway. :P

P.S. I feel sorry for the players this year, what with those vuvuzuelas or whatever sounding like a hive of angry hornets times 5390432948 and the new ball, which I hear sucks. "For sure the guy who designed this ball never played football", haha.

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