Sunday, September 12, 2010

Holidays I

Today it's Sunday, and first week of *precious* holidays have passed. (I hope that little voice in your head read the word *precious* in Gollum's voice like mine always does.) Whether the next week of hols will truly be hols or not, depends on my mother and my conscience. :)

On Monday I went to KLCC for the Bookfest, meeting the retard I mean lisar on the LRT. But as I was waiting for the train on the platform I saw this train pull in on the opposite platform, and what do I see through the tinted windows? This really familiar "hairdo" that could belong to no other but J. Thayaalan. Second time in two days I "run into" Thayaalan outside of school. We watched Vampires Suck at KLCC, because lisar and I both agreed that best friends should share at least one experience of watching a truly awful movie together. Then we went to Bookfest finally, where I glared and snapped at the annoying Chinese-y people on duty there in the process of getting in. Met up with Philip (this was unplanned lol) who lugged my books around for me and belanja-ed me cake and made sure lisar and I didn't die on the way back to the LRT station xD. Wanna know what books I bought? Haha, bet you don't. Anyway, long time I no pak toh with my best friend liao so I had fun with the bonus of seeing the hobbit.

I was supposed to go hang out at Sar's house the other day with Low, but my so-called sisters never bothered to call to check if I was actually coming, leading up to my waking up at 2pm when it was too late to go. I told Sar to call me up somemore. Idiot I tell you.

Yesterday, lepak-ed at Gardens/MidV with Andrew, Stuart and Sarah from church. We walked so much in the two malls that if I weren't wearing my croc heels I'd die. (I love my croc heels. I love those who bought them from me. All those eleven people who bought it, I love you.) Throughout lunch and going up escalators and waiting outside toilets and window shopping for shoes and window-shopping-for-a-suit-for-Stuart and visiting the toy section and visiting Robinson's kitchen utensil section, I laughed so much if I weren't in a public place I'd be rolling around on the floor.

And then Stuart and Sarah went home and Andrew and I decided to watch Resident Evil: Extinction, but it was at four-fifty, so we had to hang around pretty long. But it's the company that counts right? :) 'sides, I got to find out that chivalry isn't dead. Haha, evidently, Andrew, I never knew.

And I loooooved Resident Evil. Ohmigosh, hehe, it was awesome. I've been waiting for this fourth movie ever since I saw the third one! 

It wasn't even scary. It's the day after now, ta-da, no nightmares. But it was jkasudorekjfox awesome 'cause there was like guns and things blowing up and zombies getting chopped in half and Milla Jovovich and Ali Larter kicking ass. Poor Andrew. Sorry you had to watch it with me when you didn't even watch the first three haha. Also, thanks for lunch and icecream and my first GSC signature movie. Next time, I'm not gonna let you pay for me anymore. :)

Ooh, I love Resident Evil.

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