Friday, September 17, 2010


Quite long since my last update, but it's not because I'm lazy like some people, it's just that I've been writing unhappy posts and it has been agreed that unhappy posts do not suit me, so I don't publish them. And then I was considering writing a post called "For Bob and Jan", wishing them good luck for trials and telling them how I've missed them since they stepped down, putting in lyrics to Play that funky music (haha inside joke), but then the facebook-love-triangle thing changed my mind. (Because I'm not gonna wish my rival, namely Ho Hui Jan, luck in anything, right?)

Eh, Tharini, if you're reading this, which I doubt, jangan jealous pulak ya? I miss you tonnes too.

Anyway, this is what you get instead.

The other day my parents and I randomly decided to drive towards the general direction of Sepang for no apparent reason. (Y) Like Nicole said, family road trips are the best. We drove past the place where sosilawati and the other three were murdered, btw, ooh scary. And drove past more kampung-y places where you can actually see stars in the sky for once. And then we reached the Sepang Goldcoast Beach, next to where Golden Palmtree Villas are.

From the side, at the beach where I was standing, the Golden Palmtree Villas look like this:

Picture taken from this website.

But if you lived in the clouds and looked down this is what it looks like:

Picture from here.

Finally, a picture actually belonging to me, the smart person who forgot to bring a camera.

Look at my awesomeness as a black person.

Yeah, we got there in time for the sunset. See where the sand changes to something smoother and darker-coloured behind me? See, that's where all the millions of tiny little killer crabs are. The sand there is differently-coloured because those are actually all those crab-eggs and crab-nests on the sand. EW.

After that we drove by Morib to come home, and then I was hit by nostalgia for our F1 prefect camp.

And since I'm uploading pics from my handphone:

Extra sejarah class. Tiga orang ni went and uploaded horrible pics of me on fb.

From yumcha the other day.

This is Joey trying to smile like a normal human being.

NICOLE, I want the pictures from that day la. You know how rare it is that all five of us go out together? We're all gonna miss these moments when we leave school, and all the pictures are just stuck at your comp there. -.-

The big-headed girl is behind the camera.

I didn't realise until now that this post has a theme. This post is about special people, people who make life special.

Edit: Oh em gee now webcamming with Nicole who's in Datin Khoo's house doing accounts... there will be murder caught on webcam if she's caught... with Joey and LiSar in the background... ahahaha proves my point I love them man. ♥

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