Saturday, September 18, 2010

Robin Hood again!

Finally managed to download clear version of Robin Hood online! Yes Andrew it was illegally downloaded! If you read my blogpost from when I first watched Robin Hood at the cinemas here, you'll know I was already dying to rewatch it then!

Better still, the version I downloaded seemed to be an extended one! There were like extended scenes! This was like watching LOTR extended all over again! The movie is so much awesomer because the extended scenes help certain things, like the love story and such, make much more sense!

I love this movie so much! Really!

I have to go now because my finger spasms are returning which happens when you spend the whole day onlining/playing sims!

But I came online just to post this really awesome post about Robin Hood! I'm so gonna rewatch it again!

So I am going to end this post, where, in case you didn't already realise, every sentence ends with an exclamation mark!

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