Tuesday, December 22, 2009


I really don't want to post anything much other than about Gilbert but I might as well, since I'll be busy enjoying the last of my freedom, and childhood. (This is a touchy subject with me.) So I'll just... do a short post. Haha. Yes, rejoice, few readers of mine.

We had a partial family gathering the other day, with some of my large, extensive Penang family. The people in this pictures are as follows.

Bottom row: Cousin Vivian, Mark, Sister Jeannie, Cousin Adrian
Middle row: me, Sister Jamie, Cousin Lawrence
Top row: Aunt Ah Ewe, Cousin Derick

Three of these faces will be missing soon. My sister and Mark are taking off on the first of Jan, and Derick kor kor... my big brother in so many ways... the crazy cousin... the one who used to look like the caterpillar in Bug's Life... the one who drank Kickapoo from a soup bowl back in the day... the one who used to let me hang on his arm while he'd lift me off the floor... the one who used to bully me so... will be leaving for Australia, where he can go find Mandy jie jie, his girlfriend. Oh, and to study too. If you knew him, you'd understand why I'd miss him so. Hurh. If I could write out the things he says and the things he does you would pretty much LYAO. Maybe. Maybe I will.

Didn't mean to post this and take attention away from my Gil post, but I'm just writing because I'll be busy later. Sis' birthday, results, Christmas, sister leaving.

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