Wednesday, December 16, 2009

new moon

I finally did it - I went and got it over with. Not because I wanted to - but because I didn't want to watch Puteri+Katak. And I wanted to watch a movie, to commemorate the outing. So I went and watched new moon with sisters+their bfs. (No, niclow, I did not feel sad and sesat.) It wasn't as annoying as I expected, but boring instead. To be fair, I shall do what Cha did and list out all pros and cons, or I'd just list out the cons.

To be fair...
+ Kristen Stewarts' lips are visible instead of just not there.
+ They taught KS to keep her mouth closed, instead of going around with it open.
+ She did her nightmaring well - and the part when she was running in Italy.
+ The directing, camera stuff and acting were much better than Twilight.
+ Edward's wardrobe improved.
+ Victoria's cool.
+ I had loadsa fun laughing at Jacob's hair before he cut it.
+ I loved Alice having more screen time.
+ Esme looked lovely; so did Carlisle.
+ Jasper had more screen time. I love Jasper.
+ Dakota Fanning as Jane! I wish I could be like Jane.
+ I had fun laughing at the Volturri dude on the left - the one who looked like Lucius Malfoy.
+ They didn't show Rosalie's fat @$$. Hah.
+ Cha is right. Alec is cute; cuter than Edward and Jacob, obviously.
+ Among the 5 of us watching, I was the only one whose chair did not get kicked. Sorry, this doesn't count.

What I really think...
- Rob Pat should keep his shirt on. Seriously. It's almost obscene.
- Bella should have asked Jacob, "Dude, where's your shirt?"
- Sam is fat. Too fat. He looks like a Samadian boy who should keep his shirt on.
- Jacob's wolfy friends are cuter than him.
- Jacob is annoying.
- They killed Harry. I LIKED HIM!
- They should have made Jane dress up cooler.
- Alec sounded superficial instead of hot, and he is hot.
- The part where Bella and Edward were running in the future was... lame beyond description.
- It's too coincidental that Bella would fall into the water right where Victoria was.
- The wolves are fake!
- It was draggy and boring.
- What's with Jake Black standing half naked in the middle of the road?
- They didn't spike Alice's hair enough.
- What did they do to Jasper's hair?!
- I'd love to write more, but my fingers are getting tired.

Overall, this movie helped remove some of my prejudice against Bella and Jacob. Maybe I can finally read the book properly now - I always wanted to, but I was afraid for my health. I think if twilight wasn't loved by millions worldwide, I would love it myself.

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