Sunday, January 23, 2011

22 January

Yeah, so going to school on Saturday really sucked, except for the Hank the waterwaveripplestrobolighted Tank, but skipping out for the rest of the really awesome day made up for it.

Hui Jan's birthday yesterday!

Bob tangkap gambar, but honestly, models should get more creds here.

Because I love this picture.

Happy birthday Ho Hui Jan. You know I love you, you extraordinarily awesome person.

It was a surprise picnic at KLCC park, and it was great! Hui Jan you have amazing friends you know, and kudos most of all to Sze Li who did the majority of the planning! I take my hat off to her hehehe, go Sze Li. There was music, food, drinks, games, getting lost in shopping malls, a lot of chasing guai lou people, picture-taking, fun and LRT ride home. All those ex-Form Fivers haven't changed a bit, still like kids only wan. I had a lot of fun, and Hui Jan says she did.

Credits to Maddie.

I came back home, watched 20 minutes of Criminal Minds, and then to the next event of my busy day: my church's 50th anniversary Chinese dinner.

Angel in disguise Chalystha Lee teman-ed me. I love that girl. Thank you thank you thank you so much for teman-ing me Chalystha, you saved me from an evening of boredom tee hee hee. But it wasn't that bad for you right? We did have fun! My first yee sang of the year with you girl!

For Philip, if you're reading this: Hahahahahahahaha. You know what I'm laughing about.

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