Friday, January 14, 2011

A Spencer Reid Fangirl Post

I can't watch Criminal Minds anymore. Not because the many twisted ways of killing multiple people for really sick reasons are starting to get to me. No, it's because I now spend the whole of my forty minutes watching Criminal Minds jumping up and down shrieking ReidReidReidReidReidReidReidReidReidReid, non-stop, at the top of my lungs, which is not healthy for me, the bed, or the ears of those around me.

Dr. Spencer Reid is the most adorable nerd that never existed. First off, he's a genius. He graduated from high school at the age of 12, has a eidetic (photographic) memory, has 27 degrees (still growing) with Ph.Ds in Mathematics (this he got when he was 16), Chemistry and Engineering, B.A.s in Psychology and Sociology, and is working on one in Philosophy. He joined the FBI at the age of 21. He's the only one referred to as "Dr." instead of "Special Agent" because noone in the world would guess that young Reid has all those doctorates. Reid knows everything. He memorises anything he's read immediately, like the whole Bible, chapter and verse number included - he can read 20, 000 words per minute. Need a voice recorder? No fear, Reid is here HAHA.

Reid's FBI co-workers love him as much as I do. He's the youngest, the most gullible, the one they can bully to read through files and memorise them. Noone can watch Criminal Minds without falling in love with Reid.

Click on the pix to find the tumblr site I got them from.

His pals may love bullying him, but...

...they look out for him. (Even though he has his own gun!)

The Reid-Morgan Epic Bromance.

Reid is very inept around current occurrences...

...and around girls...

...but he does have his moments.

Did you know, Reid has no idea what the song "____ and ____, sitting in a tree" means?

All in all, Reid is just adorable beyond belief and I love him very much and I will find a way to start watching Criminal Minds again, maybe while waiting for my heartbreak to heal over Bones and waiting for White Collar Season 2.5(!!!!!) to come out.

Yes, I did my Reid fan post before I did Neal Caffrey, because Reid was there earlier, my thoughts are still in too much of a fangirl frenzy over Neal, and, well, Reid is just that much cuter.

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