Monday, January 10, 2011

TV shows

Lately, I've been very obsessed by White Collar, but I've been just as obsessed by Bones, Criminal Minds and Merlin in the past. And then I started thinking, hm, what shows do I follow, as in, I watch episode, and what shows do I watch, off and on? I started drawing up a list with individual categories, but they started overlapping and getting me all muddled.

However, before I got confused and gave up, I did manage to see the light a bit. To cut the story short, these are the TV shows I've watched at least two seasons of. In no particular order.

Criminal Minds
CSI: Miami
White Collar
Sue Thomas: FBI
Without A Trace
Family Law
The Good Wife

Army Wives
The Nanny

Okay. Now I've gotten scared. I'm sure if I thought harder I can remember more, (or maybe I left one or two out), but I think this is enough. I've cancelled out a few already, leaving just the TV shows that have to do with the justice system or crime-solving. And I already have thirteen. This is not counting the shows I watch off and on, remember. Haha, but I hardly watch TV!

Honestly though, I don't find this to be a waste of time at all. I've learned things by watching these shows that I'd never have been able to learn otherwise. To me, watching these shows - the first thirteen, at least - are a lot more educational than watching any documentary on the Discovery Channel. It's exactly like reading fictional books as compared to reading an encyclopedia. You learn new things. Learn new words. See characters develop. Widen your scope on the world. All that jazz. I wouldn't be the person I am today without these shows.

*wipes away tears*

One day, I will have to learn how to order my thoughts properly and put them down as words, unlike the garbage of a job I've done with this post.

One day, Jacie. One day.

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