Wednesday, January 5, 2011


How could my mom make me to go out to a mall on a weeknight when I didn't want to.
On the way back, I brought up the discussion we had in Datin Kokilam's class on religion, and spoke my mind on one issue in particular about Christianity. This led to a debate of sorts between my father - who raises his voice when making a point - and I - who as a teenager will instinctively retaliate in kind - which went on long after my mother cut in with an equally loud "shut up". 

Hahaha, such family discussions are healthy ones to have every once in a while.

I'm only so cheery because this one was a rarity and actually ended with a mutual back-down.


Gonna watch White Collar now. Omg was in withdrawal weyh. Three days never watch, like three days without... sunlight.


P.S. Loving tumblr because of all the Matt Bomer pictures.

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