Tuesday, January 4, 2011

School Again

School's back in, and everything's the same.

Well, not everything, but there's still that comfortable sense of familiarity which, more than anything, I will miss when we leave. My classmates and I have slipped back into our old routine as easily as one slips into the same pair of shoes each day.

A Form 5 student? Me? No way. I don't feel like one. The great big
SPM = 10A+
left behind by the previous 5A students is annoying, but surprisingly easy to ignore. We had far more "SPM lectures" from the teachers when we started Form 4 as compared to this year.

And no, I am not taking English Literature for SPM. I know it's a waste. You don't need to tell me anymore. Who's the one it will be a waste for? Me. I know.

Sigh. I suppose I'll have to decide whether or not to really take Bible Knowledge soon enough.

I miss Hui Jan and Bob, and the knowing that there is a whole entire form occupying the floor above you.

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