Thursday, April 1, 2010


Today, I was still feeling a bit sad (because I didn't want to come to school) and Fatin seemed to notice it when I went and sat down next to her. But she attributed it all to the wrong reasons.

Fatin, me.
Are you in love?
You're in love right?
You look so sad.
I know, I am.
You fought with you lover?
What? NO.
Boyfriend trouble issit?

I cheered up sufficiently to ask Kalia to write on my hand with beautiful artistry (she just scribbled, oh, evil Kalia) Aragorn's name, and then I wrote it again 2 more times, so if I had "Aragorn" written across my hand horizontally in three different fonts, all aligned nicely.

I know my life is sad, but doing saddening things like this makes me happy, so I have to do them, for my own good.

And then during Bio Cha grabbed my right hand and said, I want to put my name there also. I said yes because I thought she would write it nice and small like my Aragorn's are written. But then she grabbed my hand, started a C somewhere in the middle of the back of it, and then continued up past my wrist, ending with a heart.


I wouldn't describe all this if I could locate my Bluetooth thingy andI could upload a pic.

Anyway, before I managed to take a bath, my dad spotted it.

dad: (really loudly) WHAT IS THAT?!
I jump a foot. WHAT?!
*dad points*
OH. Er. Something Cha drew on me?
dad: you have to receive communion today, you'd better wash it off.

Which reminds me, I have to go to church so I should get off my ass typing crap over here and go do my homework.

One last thing: I shall think of my dress everytime I feel sad.

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