Sunday, April 18, 2010

Happy birthday

Philip Tay

I don't know what to say about him. He's the type of Christian I want to be. No, he's not perfect, but I really think he's a great example of someone who's doing God's work. He really is an excellent person, and people like him make me glad to be a disciple of Christ. He's a deep thinker, intelligent and hardworking and so totally not lan c like other thirty-five-year old deep-thinking intelligent people.

He's also one of the weirdest people I've ever met. Refer to the picture above, which I stole from Facebook. But that's not his display picture. Because Uncle Peeeeleeep here uses comics for all his dps, and wallpapers as well. Calvin&Hobbes, Garfield, Groo, and Dilbert are ones I've seen. He likes to mumble unintelligible strings of chants to scare me, he looks like Garfield when he's had a decent night's sleep, and like a panda the rest of the time. He lives in near Zoo Negara and I like to make fun of the mini-fridge in his "house". He looks funny when he has to hold his handphone up to his nose to read text messages because he can't see them properly. He looks even funnier when he gets infections from sleeping in rural places where he has to go for work.

I should stop. Because I don't think I'll give Philip this link anyway, he'll just mumble his weird chant-y thingy at me. I mean, he didn't even tell me it was his birthday today, I found out because I read a text message on his phone. )= Thanks for the Guylian chocolates from Langkawi, Philip, and the awesome session today, and for giving them to me on your birthday.

Oh oh oh.


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