Wednesday, April 14, 2010


I hate bio.
Right now, it's been awarded MostHatedScienceSubject.
(Don't worry Chem and Phy, you'll win again soon.)
Let's not go into why I hate bio, all right?
Because then I'd have to draw out a whole mind map here.
I don't like Ms. Annie, because she treats Bio like oh-epicness-of the world, and she thinks everyone should feel that way, and she's damned fussy anyway. I feel she doesn't like me, because, well, she can probably sense that I don't like Bio. And I think she just can't process that. I think she has it in for me. Always calling me and picking on me. She criticizes my work, and when I saw my Bio remarks and was so happy and having scored an A- (or wassit an A, idk, around there la) she just said, "Jacie could work harder, you're just not trying hard enough, not bothering to put enough effort."

So lately, I have decided to buck up in Bio class to please Ms. Annie. I focus my mind in biological things, even if they're not on the syllabus. So, I asked her a question the other day. If I skinned a human alive, how long would it take for that human to die. Interesting question right? Bio-related somemore. But she didn't even answer me. Just stared at me weird. So today, I decided to not ask her any questions. I paid really close attention to her. I had my eyes locked on her face and everything, since that's the way she likes students to behave in class. But then I got distracted by her facial expressions, and the way she always, always, always frowns. I felt an impulse to conduct an experiment of my own, and I did. I started frowning just like her. Just as I was wondering how in the world she could see by frowning like that, lo and behold!

"Jacie! What's the matter with your eyes? Why are you doing that?"
(Shit case, man. It's not like I could say, I'm trying to frown like you do.)
"It's my contacts, teacher. They're really dry."
"...shouldn't really...ruin your corneas..."
Couldn't even remember what she said to me, shows how bad I am in her class.

Dancing again today.
It's fun because I force myself to have fun and because no-one has come up to me to point out how totally hopeless I am.
For which I am grateful.
I already know I'm bad, so no need to say it to my face, alright?

Oh, and you can see how slacky and sucky I've been this year, so how, how, how did I get first in class again?!
Mr. Elvin, you may be AddMaths teacher #1, but I think you messed up the calculations.

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