Friday, April 9, 2010


I am getting very stressed thinking about when I leave school.
But I am handling it well enough, so no need to tell me to chill, dear friends ;)
Actually, I'm having a lotta fun going through my options.
Even if they might not actually BE options for me.
I'm still having fun, once I can ignore the fact that I am really a hapless person.
I love discussing it all.
It makes me have something to look forward to, so hopefully the next year and 8 months will pass quicker.
So, this is basically a hint.
Anyone want to listen to my dreary dreams? I'll hear yours if you hear mine.

In case you were wondering, I'mma doing my A-levels, English in Literature 100% being one of the subs, and I really want to do my undergrad also in Eng Lit or English Language in the UK. UK has been something of a dream for me - all these years, always striving to be top, the only thing that drove me was trying to get into Oxford University.

People, I just revealed a really important secret to you.

Being now older and more practical, I see Oxford is way outta my league in so many ways, but I haven't given up the UK dream.

But so many things are always in the way...

You know, this was never supposed to be a post on what I wanted or what I couldn't have. It's just an update on what's up with me, so I'mma go back to browsing colleges now.

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