Monday, April 26, 2010


Aunty Ho asked me for an update.
And I condescend.
Because I don't know what to write (nah, I don't know what to write that isn't moany and draggy), I shall write about the movie, Australia.

It was nothing like what I expected. Silly me, for expecting the whole story to be one about an awe-inspiring cattle-driving journey through the desert where Hugh Jackman and Nicole Kidman fall in love and live happily ever after. God, this movie is loaded, with history, politics, monopoly, racism, geography, exploitation, sacrifice, gossip, spite, insanity, family, death, Aborigine culture, and, most devastatingly, WWIIThis movie is deep. If you take the time to decipher their Aussie accents and British slang (on Nicole Kidman's part, haha, an Aussie faking a Brit accent), you'll get that this movie is no freakin' joke. I chose to try and stay aloof from all these horrible aspects of the movie, but I cried anyway because I couldn't help it. Being me, watching any movie, is no fun. I get so immersed I will just bawl my eyes out, or I can get depressed.

Moving on!

My sister is an avid fan of Hugh Jackman. She thinks him amazingly handsome and hot. I never shared that sentiment. I watched the first half of Australia and got that some people might find him dyingly attractive. I mean, I understood that he is attractive, just not to me.

But the second half!

It started when he was wearing a suit and dancing, clean-shaven at last. But that wasn't it. It was when he started the grow back the beard, but this time, you could actually see the face. And he didn't look like he hadn't bathed in really long. And he started to get into the romantic, love-struck, grief-ridden, revenge-driven part of his character. (And I realise that he's taller than Nicole Kidman, which is a plus, because, how can the lead male be shorter than the heroine?) Hugh Jackman is hot. Hugh Jackman is sexy. All right, all right, I love Hugh Jackman now!

Would want a Hugh Jackman picspam, but I couldn't find any good pics of him in the movie other than the ones in his sex scene or his bathing scene. :S So, we make do.

I'mma have to re-watch it.

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