Friday, April 23, 2010


I saw this book in Borders, and was immediately attracted by its cover. Yes, I actually read this book just because of its cover, a first for me.
Usually, when I want a book, I speed-read it at the bookstore first. Yeah, I do that. Sorry. My parents don't really buy me a lot of books. Only if I like the book, than I'll get it. I'd have to. I'm someone who can read a favourite dozens of times (if you know me you'll know I'm not kidding). Obviously no time for Borders right now, so, I downloaded it off the Internet. Yes, I feel bad, butit's a whopping RM53.90. I'm not willing to risk that much on a book that might turn out to be crap.

Anyway, back to the book. I downloaded it yesterday evening. (It made me bloody hell stay up past midnight reading it and caused me to have a weird dream which made me go back to sleep after being woken up by my alarm and mom to continue dreaming as is my habit, making me late to school by 15 seconds, no kidding. FML.) So, after an accumalative 6.5 hours of leisurely reading, I've finished it the 420 A4-pg book today.

And I still haven't made up my mind.

Fallen is the first book in the four-book series, and the only one that's been published. It's like Twilight in many ways. Two immortal gorgeous guys fighting over one clueless human girl, who is inexplicably drawn to one of them. It also reminds me of a shittily lousy book called Marked, which is in a "House of Night" series. However, Fallen has angels, not vampires or smelly werewolves.

Does that put you off already?

But here's the thing. I think if I ignore its similarities to Twilight, and ignore the fact that it's of that genre, and that it's not a good, deep book you'd be proud of reading, I think I would love Fallen. (Same goes for Twilight, actually.) The story has good supporting characters, Daniel Grigori sounds hot and the girl is a little bit less dumb than Bella Swan.

But the guy who takes Jacob Black's place in this book, I hate just as much as I hate Jacob Black.


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