Friday, August 20, 2010

The Last Song (The Book)

Bought it last night. Then proceeded to stay up to 3a.m. reading it. Yeah, my book addiction is getting worse. It sucks at me, pulling at me, despite all the numerous times I tried to go to sleep. But partly to do with my grandmother too la. Anyway, went to school with my nose buried in it - haven't done that in ages, walking around Samad while reading. I didn't fall into a longkang, walk into a tiang or tumble down the stairs though, so it's nice to know I've still got the touch. Finished the book about twenty minutes after first period Sivik started, and cried in class. This combined with the fact that my eyes were dry from lack of sleep made my contact bunch up and fold inside my right eye. It is as painful as it sounds, btw.

The book is good. Different from the movie, darker, definitely, and it's hard to believe that both screenplay and novel were written by Nicholas Sparks. No regrets buying it, despite the fact my mother made me pay for it myself.

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