Thursday, August 19, 2010

The Last Song (The Movie)


I finally downloaded the movie and watched it, after meaning to for very long. It was the minute I read the description I think, something about Nicholas Sparks' revving up his old "A Walk to Remember" magic, that I resolved, no matter what, that I would both watch and read The Last Song. The only question was which to do first. Because, I love A Walk To Remember! It's right up there next to Lord of the Rings and Pride & Prejudice. I've watched AWTR at least nine times, no joke, and can still cry even after all those re-watches. If this was to be like AWTR in any way, I would rather sit next to erm... Calvin than miss out on it.

Now, for the movie. It was as good as AWTR, in many ways better. It's about musical prodigy Veronica "Ronnie" Miller, who turned rebel after her parents divorced and musically-inclined father left. Usually, bratty, rebellious, I-totally-hate-my-parents-because-they-ruined-my-life stories just irritate me no end. But, I think this one was different. The movie wasn't just focused on the love story between Ronnie and Will, and that was good. The turtles and younger brother Jonah were great side-features, and so was the Blaze-Ronnie thing. Plus, I like Ronnie herself. Despite the teenage rebellion, and I like how that's portrayed in the movie. She's different, and still has her morals, and loves her younger brother. I like how Will cracked through her armour, but I also like how she was still herself, not like those girls who typically change after they meet prince charming.

Oh, and Will. I swear, thank God Liam Hemsworth has an ugly mouth. I mean, if he didn't, he'd be utterly incredibly drool-worthily gorgeous, and that added to the fact that he's the perfect boyfriend, a romantic, funny, rich, sweet, caring, loving and always takes care of Ronnie no matter how tiring she is, would just probably have me watching the movie as many times as I could fit into a day. Argh, I love their relationship la. It's so sweet that he's hunky enough to just pick her up and carry her as easily as if she were a doll.

Like this.

But I did give it a second viewing the very day after I watched it the first time with my mom and sister. That's because when I first watched it, I was crying half the movie (of course), and it's hard to peer at the screen with torrents of tears running down your face and practically blinding you. In addition to that, when I could control the volume of my sobs, I'd hear my mom sniffling instead. (I had to get it from somewhere, though I'm like ten times worse than her.)

Well, it wasn't a mind-blowing, award-winning movie, but it's sweet and nice and I, the hopeless romantic, like it. :) Worth suffering a whole day of painfully swollen eyes in school for. Miley Cyrus was okay for me, besides, Liam Hemsworth is her real-life boyfriend so you can tell the on-screen chemistry was real. Nicholas Sparks wrote the screenplay (he did an awesome job!) of this movie, then wrote the book, so I guess I got the order right. Going to buy the book tonight. =D

Miley Cyrus' "I Look At You" is to kill for.

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